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Hysterectomy questions

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Hi everyone-I actually have colon cancer (diagnosed 2/2011), and have undergone surgery and chemo for that. Had HIPEC in December, and now am faced with cervical mets from the colon cancer. I have a surgeon consult tuesday. I will most likely have a hysterectomy followed by another 6 months chemo.
How was your surgery/hysterectomy? And was it laproscopic or open? I've had the open surgery with HIPEC, and wish they'd done a hysterectomy then,,,but they didn't so I am no sure if they will opt for open vs. laprospcopic. We'll see...
I was already menopausal due to radiation I had last June/July. So I had no more cycle, and got hot flashes and night sweats. I had to use a dilator as well.
I went to the obgyn b/c I had a watery like discharge the past 2 months-and as I said,,have no cycle. I thought perhaps it was urine for a moment,,,as it was that watery. But it was not urine...It was from the mets in my cervix. What is this fluid-someone said to me on another site, that it could be lymph fluid? Anyone familiar with all this?
It's new to me....hoping it's confined there, and not anywhere else.
Just wanted to hear of your experiences-even though I realize it's a different cancer.
Thanks for listening. :o)

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So sorry to hear about your mets. From what I understand, the watery discharge is caused by the cancer cells crowding out normal tissue, out growing its blood supply and swelling. Its not lymph fluid. I'm not totally sure of this but that's what I've read. I have cervical cancer and one of my symptoms was a watery discharge. I had a radical hysterectomy and it was an open incision at the bikini line. I'm sure the recovery is not as bad as the HIPEC surgery, but it's an abdominal surgery and the first two weeks require some help, hurts like hell to try and get in and out of bed. I hope your met is isolated and can be taken care of for you. All my best.

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