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In loving memory of an amazing wife, mother and grandmother Stamatoula

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Today is mother's day - it's almost 6 months since my mom passed away and this weekend has been by far one of the hardest I have yet to face. I want everyone to know that my mom Stamatoula Dimitrakopoulos was an incredible human being. She truly saw the good in everyone and sacrificed very much of her life to give me, my sister and her 4 grandsons the best possible life ever. She was an amazing wife to my dad. She was a gem, she was simply perfect in my eyes. I miss her hugs, I miss her touch, her smile, her laughter, her warmth, her caring, EVERYTHING. Nothing will bring her back to me but I will do my best to honor her. I love her so deeply, I miss her so deeply. I wish her a happy mother's day in heaven. Her pain and suffering from this awful disease is finished but my pain of losing her will last the rest of my life.


To all the mother's I wish you a wonderful day today, to all the son's and daughter's that have lost their mom's, I know exactly what you are feeling. To all the mother's fighting for their lives, I pray for you all to be here and win this battle.

To anyone that is mad at their mom's DON'T BE, DO NOT HAVE THIS REGRET IN YOUR LIFETIME. Call your mom and tell her every single day I LOVE YOU. thank you

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Αιωνία η μνήμη! Zoi se esas! As you can tell, I'm Greek and I figured you were as well by your mother's beautiful name. I lost my mom to Pancreatic Cancer 2 months ago. It's so hard to lose anyone, but a mother is the backbone of the family. She holds everything together. I'm sorry for your loss and was touched by what you said about her. I fully agree with how you ended your entry. I wish people really could take a moment every day to truly realize how blessed they are to have a mother in their lives. We all have our momentary annoyances and irritations, but they are so unimportant in the greater scheme of things.

May God be with you and your family and may your mother's memory be eternal.

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I had not been on this site since my last post and for some reason I went on it tonight and saw this post that you had left me.  My deepest sympathies to you as well for losing your mom and although it's been sometime I wanted to send this message to you as well.  Thank you for your kind words.  It's now 2 years that my mom is gone as is yours and I don't know how your feeling but I hope you are doing OK.  I have days when I'm fine, I have gotten use to the pain kind of but then there are times when I still cry especially during the holidays.  Just wish so much that I could see her in my dreams.  May god be with you and your family also and again I thank you for responding.  Be healthy and safe always.  

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I will do that=)  Thanks for posting.  I hope that my kids get to have me for a long time. 

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