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Any remedies for constipation? I haven't had a BM in 4 days since starting treament on the 7th May and I was always once a day regular. They gave me a stool softener colace but
so far no results. I'm anxious not to be constipated when I get sore from the radiation as I imagine that will be painful. Any advice would be appreciated.

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I had few bouts with constipation during treatment, but when I did, my doctor recommended Miralax, as he said it was more gentle than some of the other laxatives. Prunes can also be effective, along with other fruits that begin with the letter "P", such as pears, plums and peaches--seriously. Although it may not be the best remedy for constipation, I find that eating a little chocolate can get things moving too!

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I mean that in two ways...even when feeling lousy try to keep moving a bit, maybe not real exercise routine but general moving around the house may help. Try to get in as many fluids as possible, the fruit mentioned, and also my doc had me taking "Senna" (I think thats the spelling) every day weather constipated or not. Its a mild laxative in pill form. Hopefully these tips will keep you moving....lol. Good luck, you will get through this journey and be on the road to recovery in no time!

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