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Happy Mothers Day to all you mothers out there.Young, old,in between and to the ones that are going to be mothers someday.The majority of our group are female so this is for you.
Oh,Hey guys don't feel left out you all know we are a bunch of mothers too. LOL

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Thank you for the Mothers Day wishes and want to send them back to you and everyone also.
Hope everyone has a special day tomorrow. Hilde

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Thanks John. Next month we will return the favor to you! :) Sue

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Your comments always put a smile on our faces :) Thanks for the Mothers Day wishes. For all of us that are fortunate enough to be Mom's- We are so blessed!! We need to hug our children extra hard today- even if it's through the phone. :)


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Happy Mothers Day!

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Big hugs to all the mamas out there :).
Hope you get all the pampering and extra special
love you deserve. Grandma's too!


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Posts: 2413
Joined: May 2010

Oh yea, I forgot to add in the grandmas. I know we have quite a few of them on here. John

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