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If you have heavy bleeding and have not reached menopause

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My daughter in law just lost her cousin to Uterine Cancer. Jessie was just 34 years old. She never married or had children. She was bleeding heavy when she had her periods which isn't unusual for some people. She finally got fed up and went to the doctor who did a uterine biopsy and they found the cancer. Had a hysterectomy last summer and was stage 4. She died Thursday morning May 10th. I encourage anyone out there who suffers from heavy bleeding to get a check up as soon as possible. 34 is way to young to die.

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Truely sorry about your loss! That is just traggic. My daughter-in-law is flirting with stage 4 PRE-Cervical cancer per her insurance. You never get a second chance to get a really early screening and catch it early. I wory about her...she is the mother of three of my grandchildren. Hope your story will reach just one person! Thanks for posting! Best,debrajo

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Very sad to read your posting.....life shouldn't go this way.

At this point all you can do is spread the word about early diagnosis....hoping to help anyone out there.

Peace be with you my friend!!!

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