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Cancer and being single

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Hi everyone,

I know this would be the least of everyone's worries and it is mine too but I am just curious-how do you tell someone that ask you out on a date that you have cancer. I feel because of my cancer-stage 4 but in remission that I should not date unless I make it the five years cancer free because it wouldn't be fair to the person. Friends feel I should date, if it starts to get serious, then drop the bombshell. I feel I should be upfront right from the beginning, maybe on 2nd or 3rd date. No one has asked me out or anything, just wondering how to handle it should I get asked out.

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I haven't dated in a while ... However... When you begin to date, you begin by becoming friends in a best case scenario. IF you find things moving along that is when the big C should come up... UNLESS you will be more comfortable being upfront immediately. (after all this IS about you).

I don't think casual dating requires the release of all personal information. This is just my opinion of course, and you never know when our mouths will open and spew forth EVERYTHING! Good Luck...Lorie

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Don't feel like it's something you 'must' reveal. Trust you gut instinct about the guy you're out with. If you feel comfortable, share it. A little at a time. But for heaven's sake, don't 'not date' for five years! Life's too short. You've gotta live it!

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