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New to all this Cancer stuff

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Hi All,

I received my biopsy results on Tuesday--cancer--and will be seeing the oncologist tomorrow morning. I have been at great peace since receiving the news, however the more I read the more apprehensive I feel. I am the sole caregiver for my mom, who is 88 and has vascular dementia. Most of my worry at this point revolves around how will I be able to care for her after surgery, and any treatment I may need.

I am so very grateful I found this network. I look forward to sharing this journey with all of you.

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Don't worry...everything wll fall into place. I am the sole care-giver for my 87 year old mother(I also have six kids, nine grands and counting, and a husband)who is on a walker and I just had to put my step-dad in a home for alzheimers. The point is, take care of yourself and the other things will happen.You can't be there for your mother if you can't be there for yourself. We are here, be at peace. There is nothing you are going through that ONE of these ladies hasn't been through! Best, Debrajo

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Thank You!!!

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Couldn't have said it any better. Life does seem to get crazy, but if we hang on for the ride, things do fall into place.

We get where we wanna be....think positive!

Cancer is not a sentence it's a word~~~~

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