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vaginal discharge

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sorry, but I need input. I am doing chemo taxol and that other one that goes with it. I had treatment three last week. About two days ago I have notice a discharge. I will report to Dr but has anyone else had this? I have had total hysterectomy, I am in a marriage for 13 years that I have no doubts about. Currently no intercourse since surgery. There is seriously no external reason for this. It is increasing, and no odor. Any thoughts?

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Did you have any internal radiation? This sometimes happens as the dead skin comes off

and the new is irriated. I had the toxal and carboplatian(6 rounds)internal rad. 5 times.I only had the slight discharge. Could also be your hormons out of wack or a yeast infection. Hope you get to the bottom of it soon! Best, debrajo

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kimberly sue 63
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When you had the hysterectomy your cervix was also removed. So you have vaginal stitches. I had some bleeding after surgery and for the first 5 weeks especially if I over did or when I was really constipated. So that could be what is happening. Check with your doctors though. Kim

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