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Gleason Score

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They did 16 needle biopsy sticks. I have a 5 core Gleason 6 with a grade of T2C. The tumor is affecting both lobes. My PSA was 9.8 I have been having difficulties for many years. I also have Sarcoidoisis which is an autoimmuine disease, Asthma, COPD and Emphazema. I am on Immuran which causes lymphoma and skin cancer. I had to have an open lung biopsy and in doing so they put a cath in and when they took it out,it wasn't totally deflated which caused alot of scar tissue and I thought that was the problem for the difficulity urinating. I have been to my urologist 5 times for the same problem. I have been in the hospital 49 times because of my lung condition. I got a call that my doctors office that he is on perminent leave because he suffered a heart attack. Now I have to see a new doctor at Shands. I had a biopsy done 4 years ago and was told that there were some suspicous cells. I was supposed to go back and get re-checked but never did and now I am paying the price. I will look at the best option for me and see what we all decide as a group. I want to wait and see but my family doesn't think this is a good idea because it could go from being encapsulated almost a T3C which means it has spread to other organs. I alwasy though that prostate cancer was a really slow growing cancer. I need to educate myself more on this disease. I look at this as just another day in paradise. They say laughter is the best medicine because if i didn't I'd probally cry.

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With the added information you provide in this post it appears that surgery would be too risky for you. Fortunately there are great radiologists available who can provide you with a treatment which will be much less risk to the rest of your conditions. I recommend you see the best radiologist you can find. I assume you are in Florida and there are many radiologists there familiar with working with patients who have multiple conditions. The G6 in the biopsy means that prostate cancer is less of a risk to you than your accumulation of other issues. You have not been well cared for in the past (witness the catheter issue) so you should seek the best possible care this time.

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What was involvement of each of the five cores that were positive with a gleason 3+3=6, that is what was the percent of each core that was positive.

Did you have a second opinion by an indipendent expert pathologist who specializes in PCa of the pathology of your biopsy. This is important so thqt you are3 not under or over treated.

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