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Off to Surgery next Friday

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Seen the liver surgion yesterday he said I have a small met so surgery next friday. Has anyone heard of HIPEC it a chemoperfusion treatment. They r going to this and then 6 weeks later I'll start chemo again. Not happy about this at all. But who ever is. I think it is hurting my family more than its hurting me. I think im just numb right now . The only thing that sucks is that this operation is going to be done at a cancer center in Pittsburgh Pa. Which is an hour and a half away so I will not see my kiddos for a few days. Which is really hard for me.. They r my life..

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Yes, I have heard of this surgery. Several members of the Colon Club have had this surgery successfully. Since they are doing HIPEC I am assuming the met is peritoneal. I also think a few members on this board have had this surgery.

Best wishes for a successful outcome.

Take care - Tina

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I have no experience of the surgery and only have academic knowledge of it from what I have read. The basic idea is that tumours in the peritoneal cavity of the abdomen are difficult to treat with normal oral or iv chemo so a strategy is to deliever it into the cavity itself so that the tumour cells are bathed in it for some time. The hyperthermic bit is simply that it is heated to a temperature above body temperature. It is often combined with surgery that removes as much of teh tumour as can be seen.

I am sure there are otehrs here that can give you a more personal experience and knowledge of the procedure.

Best of luck and my thoughts will be with you- I know how hard it is to be away from the children but in truth there is some value in them not seeing you in the initial stages of recovery after surgery as it can be quite daunting and upsetting for them.


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Like Tina said. There are a lot of people on the colon club forum who have done HIPEC.

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oh Braelee I am so sorry you have to do this.....i have never done HIPEC but i have had 2 liver resections after the initial colon surgery. In some ways the second time around was as hard as the first because you tend to think....right ....i have done my surgery and chemo and I should be able to get on with life.

It will be over soon Braelee and you will be back with your babies. Could you leave a little treat for them or a book or a video or a secret message to be found when you are in hospital....just a silly thought. My baby was 30 this year.....sorry hon prolly I am a bit out of touch with young kids.....hahah

okay will be holding your hand next Friday

all the very best to you and your family


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Just wanted to wish you the best on your upcoming surgery. Let us know how you are doing.


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Best of everything next Friday and hope you soak in your children's love this week to help carry you through the time until you get home.
When I had a 10 day stay in the hospital, I brought in my some of my girls' artwork and taped it to the hospital walls, and also brought in some framed photos of them.
It helped.
Take care~

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I don't know anything about HIPEC but just wanted to wish you well. I will be thinking about you this coming week and the time afer. Hope it's over quickly and smoothly and you're back at home with your younguns. My baby is 22 and will always be the light of my life.

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HIPEC has been around since the 50's. The idea is that they infuse the patient with Chemo drugs in the peritoneal cavity to kill any free floating cancer cells. HIPEC is compelling.

I am reading (over and over) the AntiCancer - A New way of life. The book also has several compelling ideas that went from thought, to case studies and not quite yet to drugs or treatments.

As we all know Cancer is fought on several levels and not just by meds or surgery.

Our thoughts and prayers will be with you on your surgery and recovery. Keep in touch with how you are doing!
Best Always, mike

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Prayers and positive outcome on your upcoming surgery. My kids are 20 and 22 and drive me crazy at times but they are the light of my life. I had lung wedging and a liver tumors removed....My surgery was an hour away and due to work/school schedules I only saw my daughter once. My surgery was big step and I am lucky to be able to have actually two surgeries. Just know you will be back home soon to them after this successful step and spring weather to recoop with.

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I know it's hard leaving your children, I have 4 and even though they are 28, 26, twins are 14 - they are my babies forever. Good luck and get well and home to the kids!

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I have that wonderful book too. It helped/helps so much more than inspirational ones. I'm the kind of person who needs to understand how things work. The knowledge gives you some control in lifestyle and especially diet changes that can improve survival chances. Like you, I read it cover to cover about three times a year. I'm due now, especially with the pending CT scan check

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Hi Braelee-I wish you luck and pray all goes well with your HIPEC procedure Friday. From your post it looks like you may have a liver met they are resecting in addition to HIPEC?
I had HIPEC this past December-over Christmas. It went well-I tolerated it all well-thank the Lord. The procedure was about 6 1/2 hours total. I've known a few people to have HIPEC, and everyone has a different experience. But most do fine with it. If you have not been on the Colon Club forum, you may want to check it out-as there are a lot on there who've undergone this procedure.
I was in the hospital about 8 days total. Was home until mid January and then back at my desk job. I did not have any liver involvement, but have known others who've had this along with a liver resection, and did well. I know this is scary, but somehow you find you can do this. And I understand the numb feeling. It's natural to feel that way. I don't know about you personally, but I have faith in God, and know that he gave me peace about it all. Without that,,,I don't know how I'd have done it. I pray all goes good for you-let us know please.

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Thank you for all the encouraging words. Trying to stay strong.

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Just wanted to add my prayers and good wishes. Will be thinking about you and praying for you.

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Praying things go well, and you won't have to be away from your kids very long.


Cathleen Mary
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So sorry that you have more to go through. This can certainly seem like a relentless disease. Know that lots of people here are wishing you well and praying that you will soon be home and feeling better. Can you Skype with the kids?

Cathleen Mary

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