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i had surgery about 2 1/2 weeks ago and now am experiencing a tingling sensation in my right thigh, sometimes it can actually become painful. any ideas?

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any body?

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Hi Pops,

It doesn't sound like anything I remember hearing about here and I didn't experience anything like it. My guess would be that its a nerve and lower back thing, but I'd call the doc and see what he has to say.

Not much help I know,


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Best idea is probably to ask your doctor. Even if someone here has had a similar experience, getting qualified medical advice must surely be the first course of action? (Still, it may be interesting if anyone else has experienced this and can possibly tell you what medical advice they've received.)

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These aches and pains are a part of each recovery and each of us experiences them a little differently. Probably nothing, but do seek out medical advise.


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thanks for the replies...it is a normal recovery issue with certain surgery especially if the tumor is located around those particular nerves. my tumor was no where near those nerves. my doctor didn't seem to be concerned about it but found it a little odd since tumor was not located in the area where that nerve should give me trouble. it is a little annoying and i was just concerned if anyone else had the same problem. how long should this last? should i just call him back to have this investigated further or am i just being paranoid about it all?

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Hi Pop Pop. Sometimes I think it can be related to the way you lie in bed or even the position you were in when operated on. I have various new pains since my surgery in July of 2011. I try not to focus on them, give them a week or two to go away, and if they don't, I ask the doctor when I go see him. I do think we tend to be paranoid after getting a cancer diagnosis. After all, we do know it CAN happen, right?

Meanwhile, take care of yourself and take deep breaths. I have been on Sutent since August of last year, and lots of weird things are going on with my body. I just say ,"Bring it!" Gotta get well.


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Is the tingling in your whole leg or just along the skin? Probably due to a nerve compression from surgery. They recover with time.

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I agree you should ask your doc about it. I had a strange tingly feeling in my left arm and numbness in my left shoulder blade about 3 or 4 weeks post-op. I was worried so I went back to the doc. They checked my vitals and did an ultrasound of my arm to look for blood clots. Thankfully, everything was fine. But I'm glad I got it checked out.

Wishing you well.

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