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weak muscles in the back of legs

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During my first week I had sharp muscles pain in my knees. THat has gone away but now have very weak shaky muscles in the backs of my legs from knees down. Any suggestions. I was hoping it would go away but it hasn't during this second week. I appreciate all the help.

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only the opposite from you. My lower legs hurt the worst, although it's really from the hips down. And at times it did feel like they were so weak they would not hold me up. I had the sharp knee pain as well, but that seemed to come after the weakness and leg pain had subsided to some extent. In fact the knee pain continues for me until it's almost time for another treatment. I have them every 21 days.

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I had achy pains in my legs. They were also very weak. It was so difficult to get up from the toilet and you know how many times that can happen in a day. I got to the point where my feet and hands seized up. My feet looked like the witch's feet sticking out from under the house on the Wizard of Oz. That was due to lack of potassium.

I am 20 months out from chemo and I am feeling good. The aches and pains I have now are the same ones I had before the beast. I am 64. My legs are much better. I go on a hike every other week with my support group and try to walk some around my neighborhood but I should do it more. I go to yoga each week.

When I went through the Living Well/Living Strong program which included strength training at the gym, I felt very strong. I did not keep it up after the program ended. That was a big mistake on my part. I still belong to the Y but at this point it would almost take an act of congress to get me back there.

I hope you feel better. It does get better.


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kimberly sue 63
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The pain post chemo treatments is because the chemo is killing cancer cells, but also good cells and this challenges our bone marrow. The pain is worse in the long and larger bones. I notice my pain by Sat after having chemo on Thursday. Try Ibuprofen it may help, otherwise ask your oncologist for some pain pills. There is no reason you can get comfort. Kim

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