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Questions.. pls someone answer

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Hi, I posted yesterday my PET scan results.

I went to the dr today and he said that it's not positive that I have it and wants me to wait 3-4 months for another ct. Said because ofmy age that he doesnt think i have it.

than goes to say only way to know is if i have a biopsy and he wont schedule one saying im to young. wtf? lol i am going to look around for a 2nd opinion.

i just want to know does nayone have any advice for having no insurance where to go to get help and not be treated like a piece of trash. i have a feeling that if i had insurance they wouldnt hesitate to do hte biopsy and are just coming up with excuses.

Here is the information that the dr found on lungs.

On right lower lung: 2 nodules, one 4 mm and one 18x13mm
on left lower lung: 1 nodule 5mm

that was found on the ct scan prior to pet scan. pet scan results in seperate post. they dont say how large they are but said no change but also said something was mild to moderate.

i've read on here that many have had the biopsy for some that were only 1.8's ?? really makes me believe that they are putting me off due to no insurance. please post suggestions, helful answers, or helpful anything. im at a loss on what to do from here.

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I see that X-R-n-R responded to your first posting. Yesterday I read his response to you and I got the same interpretation that he did.

With regards to today's posting, I do have to say that there are environmental causes of cancer that are not tobacco use and people are finding themselves with lc diagnosis at a younger age. May I ask why you believe you have lung cancer?

You may want to post your ct results on the cancergrace.org and see what the oncologists that monitor that site say.

Edit to add that the hospitals social worker can help you apply for benefits to cover your medical expenses. Definitely get a second opinion. An SUV of 2.5 is borderline cancer activity, it may be cancer, it may not be cancer. It can also be caused by infection or inflammation. Waiting 3-4 months is a pretty standard stance at this time.

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Hi an try not to worry too much. I was told that des can't do a boost until module is at least 1 cm . Also I was told that if they did a scan everyone would have nodules. So maybe the wait and see approach is the right one for u. As far as too young for. Cancer; young people do get cancer. I would ask Dr if he plans on following up in 6 months to a year. In the mean Time I would try to find insurance. How old r u?

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