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When to start using Aquaphor

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I started treatment on Monday and they are using a bolus which I found out today is to disperse the radiation closer to the surface of the skin in the anal area. So I asked the doc. will I burn more and he said yes,so I asked should I be using the Aquaphor and his reply was no not yet wait until the skin gets sore? Didn't make any sense to me so wondered when others have started on the cream.

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Our rad onc told us to start right away to keep skin moist

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I wasn't advised as to when to start using the Aquaphor, however, my rad onc gave me some at the time of my very first consult.

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My rad doc told me to pick some up at the drug store because I will need. Never said when to start...hummmmm. I started using it when I started treatment...made me feel like I was being proactive..

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