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Please Help ME! - My Father has Cancer

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My father had a double lung transplant 6 years ago. One of the most common side effects to getting a transplant is the medication that you have to be on for the antirejection of the transplant. My Dad also has ideosympathic thrombocytopenia which is a low platelet count, this is not due to the transplant or the medication. One year after the transplant he needed to have a hip transplant as well because the medication he was on ate away at the hip socket. This last year he also had his gallbladder removed. He also has a blood clot in his arm.
Right now we are fight angiosarcoma cancer in the liver and face. It was first discovered on the side of his face. He started chemo and radiation on his face. For less than two months after treatment he was considered cancer free however after the next scan we found out that it had moved to the liver. It has now stayed in the liver and started to grow, it has also moved to his face again. Because of all the other things he has going on it has been really difficult to be aggressive with his treatment. He is currently on Doxcil and powerful chemo and he will soon be starting a low dose oral chemo as well. He also went through a process called theraspheres which are small irradiated glass beads they inject through the femoral artery up into the liver and attach the tumor cells.
I really need some help. I know that my Dad has a lot going on, but there has to be someone out there in the same boat or knows of someone that is going through the same thing. My Dad is a real fighter and my mom and I are doing everything that we can for him. I really need to know if any one has tried another treatment that was really affective. Either medical or homeopathic, I’ll try anything as this point. We also watched a video about foods that are supposed to fight this kind of cancer and the growth. Please if you have any information at all about treatments, places that have treatments that we haven’t tried or cancer centers that would be willing to help my Dad I am all ears!

Thank you

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Daughter of Cancer Stricken Father,
I know how devastating this must be. My wife was diagnosed only last February and we spent a lot of sleepless nights taking her from one hospital to another for various diagnostics. She finally ended up at Dana Farber for a 3 month chemo treatment. The problem with doing chemo on a highly compromised liver is the weak liver will continue to process those chemicals and there is no assurance at all that they will work. I have seen cancer patients with breast, colon and liver cancer treated by naturopaths. I was told of an Israeli Navy Seal who opted out of Mayo after 12 weeks of agonizing chemo that he said would just kill him. So he went to St. George Klinik in Germany. I was told of Paracelsus in Switzerland and you can google these sites. Finally, I inquired about Guangzhou in China where two hospitals: Fuda and Modern are combining both east and west treatment protocols. You and/or your mom can contact me at arlaba2007@gmail.com so we can start a conversation and share information. Once you send me an email I will give you my telephone contact numbers and forward other emails shared with other CSN members who are the prime caregivers. Tell me more about your fathers profile: age, diagnostics, when discovered, mri's if any, will to fight this, etc. Feel free to email asap as we all are fighting against time. I will answer you as soon as I get your email. Keep praying. Hope and faith must be the foundations of cure. Tony

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