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Preparing for MIE Surgery on 5/15/12-Very anxious about what to expect

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I was diagnosed on 1/11/2012 while working in Honolulu with stage 2, t3 adenocarcinoma at the distal junction. I immediately flew home to Texas and had chemoradiation therapy (7 weeks out) and just had another EUS. My GI stated that he found no evidence of the tumor but did see inflammation and redness that he believed to be from the treatments and recommended the syrgery. I am 55 years old and have never had any kind of surgery. My surgeon here in Dallas specializes in Thoracic oncology and worked with Dr. Luketich at University of Pittsburgh and also at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston
I was wondering if someone could let me know what to expect as like I said I've never had surgery before and I am very very nervous about the surgery and the quality of life afterwards. Any shared experiences would be greatly appreciated.

Ken- Stage 2, T3 adenocarcinoma.

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Hate to say "welcome", Ken, but welcome to the Internet's most compassionate, well informed EC group.

Dr. "L" comes highly recommended by William, our resident 9 year survivor of Stage 3 adenocarcinoma. It says good things to have a surgeon that has worked with Dr. "L". Who is your surgeon?

My husband had a THE, so I'll let others speak about the MIE. I've heard very good things.

Please know that you can share anything here, ask anything, and someone will either have an answer or be willing to find an answer.

Best of luck to you!

wife to Nick, age 48
dx T3N1M0, 05/19/11
26 rads & 2 weeks inpatient Cisplatin / 5FU
THE 09/08/11
Clean Path 09/13/11
NED 03/21/12

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Hi Terry, I knew hat with a surgery of his type that I needed to check them out well. I went to UT Southwestern Medical center and spoke to a thoracic surgeon and then decided on Dr. Mitchell Magee. I met with him 3 times and saw several interviews on you tube.

I am glad to hear of your husbands good results and hope they continue.

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Congratulations on getting to have the surgery!! The MIE is the best way to go if possible. There are post op adjustments but life is grand and full.

My husband was 70 when he had his surgery. He had the invasive Ivor Lewis. Lots of issues. Recovery took a while. At times, you want to get discouraged and fearful but then you realize just how lucky you are to have the opportunity.

As to quality of life, it is even sweeter. He returned to his practice fulltime. Works everyday. Plays hard. Spent Christmas at Disney World with two sets of grandchildren; just returned from Belgium and Paris for a holiday, taking a set of grandchildren. Busy trying to plan some other adventures. Needless to say, grandchildren [and their parents, too - :) ] are the focus of our lives. Two years post op and NED--no evidence of disease. Yay!! Read Paul 61's post he wrote either today or yesterday. Puts a great outlook on things.

Good luck!! BMGky

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Thanks so much for your reply. There can be so many negatives with EC that the positives of others that have been there are of great value and help to all us that are on the same path. Congratulations on your husbands success. I hope all continues to be good for you and your family.

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