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G tube vs J tube

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Well, my dad did get the feeding tube. He has a G tube instead of the J tube. The Dr. told my parents the reason for this is because the J-tube is smaller and can not get enough nutrition in him. Since having the tube, he has been really sick to his stomache and throws up often, if he doesn't he feels like he is going to. Because of this, they are putting him on a pump that will give him his "food" slowly over 24 hours. Is anyone familiar with this?

thanks for your insight as always....

dad stage iv

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that is what I had told them too, but they do not seem to listen and think the Dr. will be the only one that knows anything, but guess he is stuck with it! Sometimes I feel as thou I am fighting my dad and the Dr's on what is best for him. Thanks for the insight, I appreciate all the help you give me!!

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Had the j tube for 3 months post esophagectomy and would much prefer it to the G tube which from what I have read seems to cause more trouble. And slow is better, on the pump you can work up to faster times. I did feedings from 6:30 pm till about 4/5 am and that helped me maintain nutrition. Wish the drs had considered an older person and how the g tube is harder to take care of and endure. Like Sherrie says older people do not question the drs. Good luck and hope he gets the good nutrition that he needs.

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Hi....did he have ant problem with it leaking......the openng where the tube is going into is leaking bad.

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I had a J-tube for 10 months (just had it removed yesterday). The statement the Dr. made about not being able to get enough nutrition is silly. In my case, the tumor was completly blocking my esophasgus and I was not able to get either food or water down. I relied on my J-tube for ALL nutrition and fluids for about 2 months. I actually gained weight once my tube was installed.

Hopefully having a pump and slowly giving your father food will help with being sick to his stomach. I wish him the best of luck!

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I am a 5 yera survivor, 37 yrs. old. I keep a j-tube to take in additional calories at night. It is so much easier for me than trying to eat enough to maintain weight. It takes off the pressure and I do not get sick to my stomach.

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