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Going through initial process

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Good morning ladies, I am debating on what to do as I just received word from planned parenthood that my pap and uterine biposy were all clear. My reasons for going to PP were as follows:
Bleeding heavily every two weeks or so after being regular all my life (large clots)
Bleeding very heavily after sex
Spotting with physical activity
Bloating terribly with some weight gain
Pain deep in lower left pelvis that brings me to tears, not constant thankfully
Similar discomfort radiates to underneath my left ribs in a dull ache which is constant
Shortness of breath
Complete change in bathroom habits, am using the pot several times a day, but always feel pressure as if I could stand to go again
Above mentioned pressure seems related to my bladder as well, I sit to pee and have to wait for anything to happen, no matter how badly I feel I have to go
I just dont feel "well"
I am 39 and on Illinois medicaid. I have an appt with my family dr March 18th and I would like to be tested for ovarian cancer at this point. The gyn through medicaid would not see me as I have little patient history (medical records). I have been very healthy and rarely saw the need to see a dr. Planned parenthood has done all they can for me at this point. She told me the CA125 is a waste of time, and to start bc pills as I am "just getting older" Which I can accept happily if that is the case. So what to I ask for at my next appt? I want to be taken seriously. I am a single mom to a 2 year old and a 12 year old, and I feel as if I am not at my best for them.

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in a note book ALL your symptoms. How long they have been there. Family history, personal history. Because I am telling you, you think you have it all in your head but when the Dr walks into the room you tend to go blank. I would ask your primary care for a ca-125, It CAN help determine, not definite but it can show them a base line. I would also ask for pelvic and transvaginal ultrasound/ or CT scan. That's about the best advice I can give. Be your own advocate, be assertive and tell them all your symptoms. Good luck to you, I hope it's nothing

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I agree with the other advice you have received. I would add, run as fast as you can from PP - No offense, but I do not believe that organization can be of any help to you anyway.

Keeping a journal is a good idea. Though we think we'll never forget details, it's easy to. Whatever you do, DON'T go on BC pills. They could make your situation worse. When you say you have an appointment with your FD on March 18 do you mean May 18? That's not too far away, which is a good thing. He/she will probably then refer you to a gynecologist. Maybe in the meantime, your FD can take a CA125 test to get a baseline number. Then in another month or two, they can see if there are any changes. It won't be the 'tell-all' but is a part of the diagnosis process.

I truly wish you well, and hope that you find relief soon from all these pains. Please keep us informed.

Sending (((HUGS))) and Prayers,

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This year is getting away from me so quickly. Thank you for your thoughtful responses. I do have a list in my phone of dates (bleeding, etc) and symptoms. I figure I am less likely to forget my phone at home then a notebook. Yes, mopar, I have delayed taking the bc pill until after my appt. Unfortunately, my mother left when I was a baby so I have no family history from her side. My father remembers somehow that her mother (my grandmother) and her mother (great grandmother) both had to have hysterectomies, but I am not sure why. Hopefully thec do will take me seriously and the fact that I have medicaid will not hinder me getting the testing. Thank you ladies!

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I recommend you take a trusted friend or family member with you to your upcoming doctor appointment. A second pair of ears always help, in case you miss something. Plus, based on what the doctor says during the appointment, the other person may think of something to ask that you wouldn't have thought of. I agree with the other advice that you request a CA-125 test, abdominal ultrasound and/or CT scan, based on all of your symptoms. I sure hope you can get those tests. Sending you good thoughts and prayers that it turns out to be nothing serious.


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I think this is the best advise to give anyone that is possibly facing something serious. Once you start talking to a doctor, your mind goes blank. Sometimes they give you so much information at one time it is hard to remember or make sense of it all. Another person that can ask questions and help you make sense of it all even after you leave the office.

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You should definitely follow the advise that the others have already posted. I am an ovarian cancer warrior. (Cause I did't survive cancer, I fought it.) I have had similar symptoms that have sent me back to the doctors for more testing. I have been told that my problem is cysts. All of my tests, and I go in every 6 months, come back negative. An ultrasound shows the cyst though. I wish you the best of luck!

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The way you describe your bladder symptoms sounds just like what I experienced (the ultrasound showed cysts but it was really ovarian cancer).

I hope you do not have cancer and you need the doctor to prove to you that you don't have cancer before you stop seeking answers. Best wishes to you.

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I always record (with permission, of course) all important gync visits, using the voice memo app on my iPhone. This has proved very helpful several times when I got home from the dr.'s office and couldn't remember exactly what he said.

I certainly wish you well and hope you get "good news" answers to your symptom questions. PLEASE keep us updated.


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