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3rd line chemo

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Morning all, my husband started his 3rd line chemo yestarday, he spent all day in the unit, had avastin and oxy, then his xeloda tabs at home, he is trying so hard, it hurts to see him battling all over again, he vomited in the night but hopfully that will subside. Wishing you all the very best.

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I hope that your husband is feeling better today after his treatment yesterday. Is this a recurrence he is now fighting? I did six treatments of the avastin, oxy and 5FU. I too threw up once with the first treatment but never again for the remaining 5 treatments. I had a significant response to this treatment regiment and hope you husband will as well. Take care.

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Treatments and side effects stink. Hopefully he can get some rest. Praying all this hellps fight this diurnal cancer.

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and hope that you and your husband will have better days soon. Has he tried Ativan for the nausea? I had to be hospitalized during chemo due to dehydration, and nothing helped the nausea, not even Emend (the very expensive "gold standard" drug) until an old oncology nurse suggested this...it was amazing how much it improved things. Take care-Ann

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