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recurrence symptoms

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I know many of you have had recurrences. I read in a pamphlet today that I need to be aware of the symptoms of recurrence. Can someone tell me what those are? The same creepy symptoms I had before diagnosis? It also said I should be aware of the debulking surgery, if it was optimal or suboptimal. Should that be in my records? Thanks

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and pay attention to different kinf of pain or fatigue. Follow your instincts and have your md listen...val

garden gal
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First I think everyone might be different in there symptoms so if you start to feel something out of the ordinary or if you start to feel pain of kind that is not the norm,you should be talking to the Dr about it. Once again everyone is different. I for one had no symptoms of ovc. it was discovered by accident while looking into another problem I was having. For me right now when I experience something new going on I will tell and discuss my concerns with the Dr. Sometimes its nothing but I have peace of mind after talking to the Dr. My records did say optimal not sure if all do. Kathy

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