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Post IP Chemo

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My wife is 28, and diagnosed with 2C Ovarian Cancer, possible stage 3. We never found out because the cancer diagnosis came post-hysterectomy (she's had low malignant serous tumor 3x so the 3rd time, we opted to just take everything out).

She's been through 6 rounds of cisplatin and 5 rounds of taxol. During the chemo months, she was on slow release morphine. Her last chemo was Feb. 13th.

It's now been close to three months since her last chemo and she is still engulfed in pain, managing to get out of bed only 3-4 hours a day at most. Her last morphine was taken about three weeks ago.

She's so traumatised by the whole thing that she can't make herself go through CT scans or any diagnostic evaluations.

I've been hoping that it's the morphine withdrawal & the hysterectomy that's hitting her with cold chills and hot flashes. No fevers but she's got discoloration around her incision areas.

Oh, the surgery where it was discovered that she had cancer? It was a combo gall-bladder removal, hysterectomy, and one ovarian/fallopian tube removal. Three weeks later, she got an abdominal port, three weeks after that, she started chemo. Five weeks after that, she developed staph infection in her chest port and had to have a PICC line instead.

Anyway, can anyone tell me about recovery from IP chemo and whether it's this bad for some? I know it's not this bad for some folks but can it be this debilitating for so long?

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Hello . Sorry your wife is having such a tuff time. I have also completed 4 rounds of cisplatin/taxol IP and 5 rounds taxol via chest port. My last IP left me severely fatigued for 5 days plus nauseated more so than the previous 4. Still have 1 round to go. I do have pain but not nearly as bad as your wife.

You mentioned discoloration around incision. Is it sore, red or have a hard place under that area? I've had 3 places like this. I never ran a fever. I did have chills ;however, that could have been from surgical menopause. Anyway, I had to have these places cut and drained. Also they had to be packed until they healed from the inside out. They were called seromas or hematomas. My oncologist said it was odd for me to have these so long after my surgery( dec 5th). However it did happen . At first they thought I had a hernia or two . CT scan showed otherwise. However once they get so far along you can definitely feel them. With me , it felt like a hard egg under a very sore area just under the surface along incision line.

I have not experienced the sort of debilitating experience your wife describes but it does sound like she should have a CT. If for no other reason than to ease your minds. I try to stay hydrated and take probiotics and stool softeners to help with constipation, which can cause much pain if not attended to.

God bless you and your wife,

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