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My mom was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer

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Hello everyone,

I am posting on this website at 1 o clock in the morning because ever since I found out my mom's cancer had come back, I am not able to sleep anymore. My mom was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer 2 years ago. She received 6 rounds of chemo and all indicated the cancer was gone. She was in remission for almost 2 years until early this year, when we found out the cancer had comeback and spread to her stomach and close to her belly button. She had chemo again, and after another 6 rounds of it, we found out the chemo didn't work.

As y'all can imagine, she, as well as the whole family was devasted by this news. The doctor told her there is nothing more they can do, but I jst know in my heart that there' has to be something else we can do. She is 62 and is very strong and brave but the latest news have taken a toll on her. She is now very depress and has lost all hope. It breaks my heart to see her like this and I stay up at night crying my eyes out because I feel like if I loose my mon, I will also die with her.

My parents are pastors and we all believe with all of our heart that God has the last word, but everyday I see my mom loose her hope. What can I do to make her feel that she needs to fight for her life? Make her understand that there is still hope for her?

If anybody has tried different chemos and haven't worked but still survived this horrible disease, please help me with some advice on what to do. I am not marry yet and don't have kids and my biggest dream is to have my mom with me on my wedding day and that she can see my children grow up. Please keep my mom and my family in your prayers as we go through this difficult time.

Thank you,


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This is so difficult to bear, isn't it? You sound like a wonderful daughter, and a very scared one - rightfully so. But I know your faith will get you, and your family, through this. Our God is great, and has imparted GRACE to all of us. His death demolished our death - his pain and suffering deleted our pain and suffering - his sacrifice has healed us, given us new life, and the Hope of Glory in Christ Jesus. Unfortunately, we live in a fleshly world and sometimes must deal with the weaknesses of these bodies. Nonetheless, His Word holds true - your Mom IS healed, no matter what. Remember, whatsoeer is kind, whatsoever is good, and more as you probably know this scripture, THINK on these things. I know tis is devastating, but He will give you all you need to see through this challenge. Your dear Mom is so blessed to have you, and all of her family.

I will pray for all of you in thanksgiving that the Lord is your strength and peace. Don't hesitate to get a second opinion for your Mom from another gynecologic/oncologist, still trusting Him in all things.

Luv, Hugs, and Prayers,

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I just wanted to say AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish there was a like butten I would push on the responces I would have pushed yours

Love, Hugs, and Prayers

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I second that opinion. I would have liked both of yours.


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I am sitting here praying for you and your mom. You need a hug and someone to help you through this. I am 64 years old. I really don't understand why the doctor said that there is nothing else they can do. I think you should get a second opinion. I have been on so many different chemos. Taxol/carbo, doxil, Avastin (not a chemo agent) taxotere, topotecan. And there is still stuff out there. I remember when my daughter-in-law asked my doctor if this was all doom and gloom. He said, No way, there is lots of stuff we can try. I don't know all the facts with your mom but it certainly wouldn't hurt to get a second opinion.

Lots of love to you

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I am a stage 3c ovc and have been on 7 chemo drugs. When one stops working they go to another. It's been 3 years now but I'm still here. Don't give up, I was told there was a lot of options left when one chemo drug stops working. Hang in there, if her Dr says there's nothing more they can can do,if it was me I would see another Dr. Keep us posted. Kathy

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A second opinion can't hurt. I'm so sorry that this terrible disease has reached into your family. Has your Mom been offered anti-depressants? Please let us know how your family is doing and if there is any help we might be able to give.
(((Welcome)) Maria

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we will all be praying for you and your mom. please tell her to seek a second opinion. i did and it changed my entire outlook....i was dx stage IV in aug of 2010...only had an 8 mo remission and been on chemo since...ist onc told me i was running out of options...i went to a gyn/onc for a 2nd opinion and he told me to sign up for palliative care... that really knocked the wind out of my sails. now i am seeing a new gyn/onc who has me on a clinical trial. if that doesn't work he says i still have other options. altho nothing has basically changed...my outlook has. a positive attitude goes a long way in dealing with this beast. please keep us posted....xoxox...karen

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Sending you and your mom and dad good thoughts and prayers that her doctor or a new doctor come up with a new game plan. Don't give up hope!


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your mom to see another doctor. As I read the words of my fellow warriors I am encouraged by their strength and determination to keep persuing ways to beat back this disease. I have not had to face recurrence but if I do I hope my doctors provide me the help I need and offer other alternatives if one treatment fails.

The old saying "Where there is life, there is hope" is especially relevant to us.

You are all in my thoughts and prayers.


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Hi everybody,

First of all, I just want to say thank you to each and everyone of you for your thoughts, prayers, and advice. I read your comments earlier with my mom and she was so touched and moved by your comments. She also says thank you, for helping her feel that there is still hope for her.

We spent the whole day at the doctor's today, and the doctor decided to start my mom on chemo again. She will now try ADRIAMYCIN, has anyone heard of it or try it? The doctor said the side effects could be heart failure, but I rejected those words because I believe that God will keep my mom safe. The doctor also said that this chemo will most than likely not make the cancer go away; that is just to keep the cancer from advancing. But I also don't believe that, because I believe in a God that is all mighty and powerful that can heal her completely.

Today both of us; mom and I felt very optimistic and hopeful, regardless of the diagnostic she received again. Today, we felt that we can beat this disease, and I have to say that part of the reason why I feel so full of hope and faith today, is because of all of you.

I pray to God that he pours out his blessings unto each and everyone of you and keep you healthy and strong everyday.

Please keep my mom in your prayers as she starts chemo again tomorrow.


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kimberly sue 63
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You seem like an excellent support for your mom and that is exactly what she needs right now. Don't forget about that second opinion it never hurts to have a new set of eyes on the problem. Also incorporate a diet full of vegetables and organic fruits. Add the spice Tumeric and have your mom drink lots of green tea. All of these things can be cancer fighting and easy to incorporate. Have her also try simple beginners Yoga. The two of you could do it together. It would be special time and time for the both of you to relax and find some peace. Good luck in your journey. Kim

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You have my prayers your mom is a strong lady she just needs another doctor how will not give up after one try. I also have stage four ovarian cancer and went into remission after my six rounds of chemo. I just found out last Thursday the cancer is back (I was not in remission long) as we sat with the doctor my mom asked what if this new drug does not work, the doctor looked at me and said we keep looking until we find the one that will work. Stand of the strength of our Lord he know our days and what we go through each one of those days. Someone told me the other day that he has me in is hands and I need to stop worring. I do not believe I will stop worring because hey I have cancer but I do know I am in his hands and he has control not the disease. Tell your mom we are here to support her and maybe if she came online and talked to some of us who are in the same boat it will bring her out of this depression.

Love, Hugs, and Prayers

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I will also keep you in my prayers and I believe you are in God's hands as well, and he is the one that has the last word.

Unfortunately, my mom doesn't have insurance, and finding a hospital/doctor that will see her without insurance is almost impossible here in our area. I have tried so many times to have other doctors see her, but the insurance issue keeps getting in the way. Her Medicare also keeps getting denied, even though, she should qualify for it. After so many times of trying to get her Medicare, it looks like she will hopefully get it in July. Tomorrow she is trying another chemo, and I will go again to the SS Administration office to see if they can expedite her Medicare, so we go look for a second opinion.

My mom doesn't speak English, but I do my best at translating all the comments I have received today and she was very touched and even cry, because now she understands that she is not alone. She was in good spirits today and when we got home he told my dad that many people were praying for her as well.

Thank you again for the support, and Anne, stay positive and hopeful. Never loose faith, because nothing is impossible for those who believe in God.


"For I am the Lord who heals you.” Exodus 15:26

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Yessy, you are a sweet daughter and obviously love your mom dearly. It has to be so difficult to see her go through this. Just want you to know you and your mother are in my prayers tonight. It's encouraging to know that you have a faith in the "great physician." My flesh and my heart fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever. God is my refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.

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I am writing to you because your post made me cry. My mom was recently diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer, and we just found out that her chemo is no longer working after only a few rounds of chemo and an unsuccessful debulking. I too am devastated because I was an only child and I grew up with only my mom, so she is my best friend and my hero. I also feel like when/if she dies that I will die with her. Please let me know if I can be of help to you. I'll always be here to talk.


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