Update PET Results from Dr Visit Tuesday / Gemzar?

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Hi All!

First some good news! My husband is going on 11 months and he was here to greet his newest grandson! He arrived 5 weeks early and is doing well with the exception of being able to suck, swallow, and breath at the same time but he is learning quickly and will be able to leave NICU once that is accomplished. We have all learned to appreciate those happy moments.

Now, some not so good news... Scott has been having some pain in his right rib area, the center of his chest and it seems that he is short of breath more easily. He says he pulled a muscle and wasn't all that concerned about it. After about three weeks he finally told the doctor about it and the doctor said; "Hmmm I don't think it's a pulled muscle but I don't know what it is but we aren't going to give you the last alimta treatment of this cycle cause if we need to do something else I don't want that in your system"... He will be having a PET on Wednesday and then will have to wait until next Tuesday for the results. His coughing has been growing more horrible and I kind of suspect a possible cracked rib? Of course, I realize there could be many other causes ie: costochondritis, referred pain from a nearby organ, or the cancer may have spread again...I guess we'll know more next week.

His sister, who was diagnosed with Leukemia about a month after Scott's diagnosis, has learned she will be undergoing a T-cell transplant from their brother. They have been running him through multiple tests and giving him medications to increase and strengthen his T-cells. They plan to kill her immune system and hope that the transplant will make her rebuild and develope a new one.

Hope you have all been doing well. Welcome to all the newbies happy to greet you sad to see you need this site.

*** 5/13/12***

Called Dr on Friday for results of PET scan... cancer is progressing. The Alimta is no longer doing it's job. He will start Gemzar and possibly have radiation again - we'll know more after his appointment with the doctor on the 15th as far as where the new growth is, how much, etc.

Baby is doing great but still in NICU for a while longer while he gets that eating thing down ;)

Sister is currently undergoing 24/7 chemo to kill her immune system to prepare for stem cell transplant.


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    Thinking only positive thoughts.
    So happy that Scott has had a chance to meet his new grandson, there is nothing greater than granchildren.

    I will keep him in my prayers that it is nothing serious and can be treated quickly and effectively.

    Tell him to rest and get stronger, he will need all that strength when his new grandson comes home.

    Stay well,
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    Hey all,

    Good news, new grandson got to come home from NICU! He is doing well!

    Scott went to doctor Tuesday to discuss results of PET scan. New lymph node involvement, new spots in both lungs, and the spots he has had have grown. Immediately started him on Gemzar. Will have a treatment once a week for three weeks then one week off, then three more with a week off, then a CT scan to see if it's working.

    As for the pain he has been having... doctor doesn't feel the pain is being caused by the cancer. Suggests maybe it is from the continual coughing causing a muscle pull or something. However, one of the tumors that has grown considerably is in the base of the right lung, which is the side that hurts so bad.

    Cancer SUCKS