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Thank you everyone for your prayers, good vibes, and "pictures". Had my colonoscopy today and "thank God" it was normal and no polyps. Asked the doctor to check for my hernia that is about the size of a huge soft ball when in there. Hey, thanks Craig, for the thumbs up on propophal worked like a dream and so much better than the other. Thing is there was quite a mess on the bed when looking at was left behind - yikes. Nurse said no problem that is what the sheet guards are for. Golly you think you have this humility mastered and it hits you in the face - oh wait- the bed sheets once again. Asked my husband to bring me a dipe wipe to wash up but they actually gave me a wash cloth which was so much better.

Doctor came in and told me everything looked great but he noted the hernia and wants me to have surgery within the next month. He asked if it hurt and of course my trying to be brave said yes sometimes, but pointed out that whenever eating it always lodges in that place and I'm forevering trying to push it through my colon. Right away he said make an appointment for surgery.

I'm not sure if what I've been going through with the pain with this hernia is normal or not. It can stop me in my tracks, can make me cry, can make me stay home when other's go out, can stop me from eating, can double over in pain, can stick out like a huge melon when fully pushing on all my organs inside making everything hurt inside. Just thought this was all normal from having this surgery and when he so casually said we will fix this made me want to cry.

John23 I've known about your situation and that's what I'm afraid is going to happen to me. It's whether does the surgery help me or hurt me. I'm really debating this. It's continued to get bad this past year so much that it hurts everyday, but is it worth it?

Anyone else on here have successful hernia surgerys. I'm just scared.

Hugs all and thanks for your comments. Kim

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Glad the scope went well. With any surgery, make sure you have the best doctor you can get. It can make a huge difference...

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We are glad things went as well as could! I never had the hernia, I guess I was lucky. Glad that that got diagnosed and will get taken care of.

Our thoughts and Prayers are with you!
Best Always, mike

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Really glad that your colonoscopy came out clean. I have not had a hernia, but would think it is best to have it taken care of before it turns into something more serious. I know you are scared. Any surgery is frightening, but it sounds like you have a good surgeon. I will be thinking of you.



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It is great your colonoscopy results were good. The sooner the better getting the hernia taken care of because you never know what might happen. Pray all goes well. Jeff

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Congratulations on the normal colonoscopy and no polyps!!! CELEBRATE! I am doing the happy dance for you. Yes, take one day at a time. Enjoy the good news of the moment and stay positive. Watch as many comedy movies as you can and listen for good jokes. I am so happy for the good report on the colonoscopy!

My husband had hernia surgeries. I am not sure if they were inherited from his dad or all the things he lifted years ago. He was a hard worker on vacations and enjoyed lifting etc. He followed the doctors orders and has not had surgery in years.

Keep those positive thoughts going!

Hugs and love to you,


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I'm fully recovered, and all is fine. Be prepared for a long, slow recovery. Do not do anything in advance of the "allowed by" date, as you don't want to have the surgery again. Hernia surgery is pretty straight-forward. I know people who've had it done as outpatients. My surgeon kept me in the hospital for 5 days. He also placed an epidural for pain management.

Warning - it is painful, and laparascopic vs open provides no advantage on the pain front. We've also all been through much worse. the pain also depends on where the hernia is - mine was midline, just below my navel.

Ask questions - I and others will answer.


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im so glad you had a clean scope as for the other i have never had to deal with that sorry i could not help.please let us know when your surgery is.i think of you always....Godbless....johnnybegood

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Congratulations my dear friend!

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