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Warm foot bath

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Here's some research on the benefits of a warm foot bath before bedtime:

The effects of warm-water footbath on relieving fatigue and insomnia of the gynecologic cancer patients on chemotherapy.

AuthorsYang HL, et al. Show all Journal
Cancer Nurs. 2010 Nov-Dec;33(6):454-60.
Taipei Veteran General Hospital, Taipei, Taiwan.
BACKGROUND: Most patients experience fatigue during chemotherapy. Ignoring this fatigue can contribute to worsening overall health of patients and a slowed recovery process.

OBJECTIVE: We investigated the effectiveness of a warm-water footbath on relieving fatigue and insomnia problems in patients undergoing chemotherapy.

METHODS: This was a 2-group, longitudinal study design. Adults diagnosed with gynecologic cancer and receiving a 4-series platinum chemotherapy regimen were recruited and then followed up for 6 months. They completed fatigue and insomnia items on the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, and 14th days after each scheduled chemotherapy. Participants in the experimental group soaked their feet in 41°C to 42°C warm water for 20 minutes every evening, starting from the eve of receiving the first chemotherapy, whereas participants in the comparison group did not do so.

RESULTS: : There were 25 and 18 participants in the comparison and experimental groups, respectively, who completed the study. Participants in the experimental group reported a significant reduction in fatigue and improvement in sleep quality from the second session of chemotherapy and continued to improve during the study period.

CONCLUSIONS: A warm-water footbath intervention resulted in reduced fatigue and insomnia symptoms for gynecologic cancer patients during chemotherapy.

IMPLICATIONS FOR PRACTICE: A warm-water footbath is local moist heat application. It is noninvasive and easy to apply at home. The findings provide empirical support that a warm-water footbath relieves fatigue and insomnia problems of patients undergoing chemotherapy. It can be a nonpharmaceutical method to help patients overcome fatigue and sleep problems during chemotherapy.

PMID 20562619 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]


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Thank you for sharing this information. I hope it helps the women who are going through chemo and experiencing fatigue and insomnia symptoms.


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it certainly would be relaxing and I'll report back :)
(((HUGS))) Maria

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It is so relaxing for me. So my husband bought me a foot spa a few years back. Although a little cumbersome to pull out and fill up, it is sooooooo relaxaing. I can completely understand this study, as I know that a soak in a hot bath tub before bed puts me to sleep for sure. Thanks for the info!



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Add a foot massage to that & I'll probably sleep like a baby! Thanks for sharing.

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I am going to try this. Will it help with neuropathy to..can't hurt...val

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It would be a great thing for women even if they are done with chemo!

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