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Almost 5 years. Stage 4

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I don't post and I don't have cancer but I read because my wonderful son in law was diagnosed stage 4 in February 2008? He was 38 with minimal symptoms but enough to warrant a colonoscopy . They found a baseball size tumor and it had spread to his live. He had his surgery and later liver resection and was considered Ned . A year later he had a perforated bowel which almost killed him and he ended up with an illiostomy . After 6 months he had a reversal . He had an recurrence in the liver but had cyber knife and has been cancer free since. Don't laugh at my explanation as I am not up on all the terms. I post this to give people with this awful diagnoses. I know ot is easy days but we take all we can get. You are all amazing people with courage and hope. I will pray for all of you.

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Your son in law is very blessed to be ned. He has been through a lot but sounds so good he is doing well. Pray this nasty cancer never raises it's ugly head again. Jeff

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So wonderful, 5 years after what he experienced. Thanks for the prayers, they are greatly appreciated.

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Thank you for sharing and your prayers.
Wishing him years of NED...

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thanks for sharing it!

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This is a wonderful thing to hear...thank you for sharing!


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Thanks for sharing the uplifting news!


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This is great news! I will keep you and your family in my prayers.

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thank you Jane....you sound like a very nice MIL

every good word that is said about stage IV's is good with me....good good for your SIL

all the best


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