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Thank the good Lord & my Doctors - I got the all clear today - :)

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3.5 months after my last treatmet / Stage III base of tongue cancer with 1 lymph node involved. Radiation and Erbitux HPV+

Today was my first PET scan and CT Neck and Head scan / all morning ...saw the doctor at 3pm after all testing was down and I got the all clear. Onc doctor said he "thinks it looks great" ....said the vocal cords show a little heat but that appears to be normal. Wants to take my tube out in two weeks. Told me not to use it! Told me we just want to get ot the 2 year mark then the five year mark....so eat right and do what you can to stay healthy!!!

I plan on staying on this board and I just want to say today is a very happy day for me and my family. I'm going home to tell my kids!!!! And this summer I intened on enjoying them like never before!

Thank you all for your help. I can't tell you how much help you all have bbeen during this process.

Tim & Jennifer / Idaho
..and my kids thanks you too: Georgia 13, Kohle 11, West 8, Jace 5, Raylan 22 months :)

Mrs. Sarge
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Thank God too!!! That's so wonderful! Just starting my journey but I too have been so encouraged by all of you!!

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Way to go....

If the past is anything like the future... In five years, you should be up to ten kids, LOL....

Thoughts and prayers, and strive for those milestones...


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God Bless you and your family....

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Ingrid K
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Congrats Tim, that is great news ! Wishing for your continued success and good health.

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Congrats Tim, I never thought it would be anything else and I am not alone.

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It doesn't get better than this....congrats, and many more future clear scans....


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jim and i
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So happy for you. May you continue to reecieve NEDs


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I posted a comment on my fb on the way home today after having recieved the news ....I said "the scenery is even more beautiful as are the faces of my wife and children" ...I just soaked in the beautiful ride home through the "tresure valley" back to McCall.

BUT (if it's okay I share this) I got a bit emotional and my wife asked me "what's wrong" ...I said I just want the same for all my "message board friends who are currently going through treatments" ....so I bowed my head right there in the truck and whispered a prayer for all of you my friends who are going through, about to go through or just finished treatments ....and I also asked the good Lord to keep clear all those who have been clear for months and years.

It's just such a mean cancer (I don't like any cancer - but this one is sooo mean and hard) ....

So thank you for the well wishes, positive thoughts and prayers (whatever your fancy is) ...but if no one minds ...I will keep all my message board group in my nightly prayers ...and if I can do anything for anyone ...please ask. I realize the most I could really ever offer is just support, friendship and prayers ...but you never know.

Thanks for celebrating with me guys ...you all are the best!!!

Tim / Idaho

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That's awesome! :-)

And thank you for your prayer--it means a lot to me.

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Pam M
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Very glad to see your news! I remember how grateful I was, and how everything was a little more wonderful (or less not-wonderful). THEN came the time when I was mostly impatient for more, faster healing. Hoping you don't get to the point where you're wondering
"Is this as good as it gets?" and as far as progress goes - I'm just over two years past chemo radiation - almost a year and a half since neck dissection - and I'm STILL changing. I'm sure you're still celebrating. Keep it up.

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Great news Tim! Was going to tell you to enjoy it, but looks like you're already there. Have a good summer Man!!


ps- love the pic's of you and your kids

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Congrats!!! I am so happy for you!!

Kent Cass
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Great to hear the all-clear. Enjoy.


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So good to hear these stories. Just reminds us to keep on keeping on. My motto for getting thru this is "LET GO LET GOD AND CHECK WITH THE WIFE" so thank you for any prayers you send our way, and Im sure you will not mind if we throw your name in to our prayers as well. God Bless You, (looks like he already did)...

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Great news, I am happy for you.



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Tonsil Dad
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Awsome news Tim,
May you stay forever healthy to enjoy that wonderful family of yours.....

Always stay positive and have faith in the man upstairs.

God bless
Tonsil Dad,


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It's so nice to hear good news. I really enjoy all your positive posts, they are quite uplifting.

Nice new pic too!


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"well wishes, positive thoughts and prayers"


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So happy for you and your family. Yes, stay in touch and enjoy everything life has to offer. Most important is your dear wife and kids..God love and bless you all!!
Take care..eat healthy and thrive!


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Good News!!


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So very happy for you. Each success story gives me hope. My husband got the all clear in January but of course I will worry forever.

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Congratulations Tim - amazing news!

So pleased for you and your family. Get your tube out and go away and enjoy some normality. Normality just becomes such an amazing thing to aspire to when you are going through this stuff, you appreciate how wonderful the things you took for granted before are.

Made my day this news, again well done and all the best going forward.


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