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stomach pains

garden gal
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Hello every one, just wanted your opinion, started having pains in my stomach late friday, nausea and multible bowel movements. Saturday they eased up a little, some nausea not too bad, Sunday only a couple of times I felt it. Now I was thinking maybe a 24 or 48 hour bug or something like that, lots of people around me told me it's going around. today I still have some pain in my stomach it's not a steady pain it comes and goes and sometimes nothing for hours. So of course my mind automatically thinks is there something serious happening. I have Chemo tomorrow and will mention this to the Dr, but I'm a little nervous, no make that a lot nervous. My abdominal surgery was 8 weeks apprx. ago and I hope that nothing has gone wrong. Like I said the pain is not constant. I might add I had a ct scan 5 weeks ago and did not show anything bad or ugly as my dr says. thanks any opinion would be greatly appreciated. Kathy

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I know well how every thing can make you worry. I too worry constantly. Having said that, I have had stomach pains,weird bowel movements, or no bowel movements. Somedays it lasts all day, coming and going but I cant leave the house because I just never know. It could be a virus like you said. Have you been eating? What have you been eating? Give your Dr a call today and don't wait till tomorrow, just to put your mind at ease.

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about keeping your doctor advised of any symptoms. We live in such fear of this disease that any "normal" aches, pains or other symptoms are magnified. I worry about stuff that I probably wouldn't even have noticed before. But having said that we must remain vigilant as well.

I sometimes think the hardest part of this disease is the mind games it plays with us. Peace of mind is worth its weight in gold.

I wish you the best.


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I've been going crazy with this kind of thing myself. The most useful thing I've read so far is that "ordinary" ailments get better, but cancer does not. I realize that still leaves many of us in limbo, as most symptoms, but not all may disappear. I have found that since my surgery, 2 years ago, anything that upsets my digestion seems to take longer to go away, and I feel side effects for longer also. After my last digestive bug, I've had horrendous gas, and finally remembered that I have some very effective probiotics in my fridge. Two days later, and I'm feeling much better. Still, my 2 year exam is next week, and I have major nerves.

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My wife Tina has been having the same symptoms. Her last CT about a month ago showed some cancer but in the same spot as in the previous CT with no progression... so essentially clear other than that. Hers have been going on for about a week and a half now. We see the Dr tomorrow as well. Good luck to you Kathy.

Prayers to you all

Dave & Tina VG

garden gal
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I talked to the Dr and it quite possibly is a bug, see her tomorrow and she said she will order a ct scan if it doesn't go away then. I too find a lot of things will upset my stomach now so I am very careful when and what I eat. Seems like it never ends and you all know how much we worry about any aches or pains we have. Hoping tomorrow will be a better day. Thanks everyone I'll let you know how I make out. Kathy

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Who'd ever think that we'd be glad to hear that we have a stomach bug? That's the way it is with this $%^&* disease. Hope you feel better tomorrow.
(((HUGS))) Maria

garden gal
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Thanks a bunch kathy

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So glad you're going to mention your stomach pains to your doctor tomorrow. Chances are that it's nothing serious. Like the other women, I can relate to your fear though. Over the holidays, I had on-again, off-again abdominal pains that would come in waves every couple of minutes and last for hours and hurt like heck and sometimes occur when I was constipated and trying to go to the bathroom. I was very scared that my cancer had returned. I had blood work, abdominal ultrasound and CT scan and none it showed anything suspicious. And I didn't have any intestinal blockage either. My oncologist concluded that the pain was from adhesions, which I think is the scarring that occurs after abdominal surgery. He and my primary doc reminded me that my surgery really hadn't been that long ago (October 2010) and my body had been through a lot, including the removal of a foot of my lower bowel (because the ovarian tumor had attached itself there). Luckily my pains stopped after I started taking Metamucil each evening to help with the chronic constipation.

I hope your pains stop soon. Please keep us posted.


garden gal
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This morning and told them not feeling good again, the nausea is real bad, some discomfort in stomach couple of pains that didn't last too long. they canceled chemo for today. Acturally I talked to my Dr's nurse and she is telling the Dr right now, will be waiting for the Dr to call. the nurse did say they always get concerned when a patient complains about stomach problems, it could be the cancer and they will probably do a scan to rule out that the cancer is progressing. I think it's going to be a long day. thanks everyone Kathy

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HI Kathy:

I am glad you called the doctor. I had similar experience. It started in October. I actually thought I had gotten food poisoning because it happened right after lunch. My stomach started to feel funny and had little pains. As the day wore on, it got worse, I had many bowel movements, but was feeling nausea too. It got real bad in the evening. It would subside at times and then come back. I finally vomited a couple of times and it went away. I knew some people were sick so I thought it was the food or I picked up a bug. But several weeks later it happened again. But it didn't take as long for me to vomit. Then about three weeks later same thing. No vomiting though and it went away. The last episode happened in January. I had told the doctor. I even had my regular CT Scan which was a day or two after an episode and it showed nothing.

I was worried that I might have a partial bowel obstruction. But it is very hard to detect unless you are seen by your physician while you are having the symptoms. I had been posting about this on the uterine sight and was advised by another poster that this could be the issue and that you need to be seen while you are experiencing the symptoms.

I hope you find out what is causing this and start to feel better.


garden gal
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It does make feel better that there are other reasons for this stomach problem. I'm still waiting for the Dr to call back, soooooooo tired of waiting for calls. thanks again, Kathy

garden gal
Posts: 212
Joined: Nov 2010

so for now the Dr is saying lets give this the rest of the week and see how I'm doing. so for now I feel better. thanks again keep you posted. I just don't know what I would do without this blog. Kathy

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please keep us posted on this

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Try drinking about 8-12 ounces of whole milk. I had terrible stomach pains and bowel issues and I was too afraid to eat because I didn't want it to hurt. My dad told me to drink milk so that I would have SOMETHING in my system and I found that the milk really soothed my tummy. I tried 2% milk and it doesn't work the same. It has to be WHOLE milk. And if you aren't eating much, try mixing it with protein powder. Hope this helps!

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I totally agree with Maria! It is such a crazy wolrd we are in that a stomach bug can turn out to be a blessing!!!!
I hope it is through your system!

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