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Update on my George:

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Well, two weekends ago I saw he was awfully pale and sleeping more than a newborn, no energy, fatigue, bad bad diarrhea. He would not go to the hospital so when we went to the chemo clinic on Monday sure enough. he needed a blood transfusion. Well, on Tuesday we went for that but I told the nurse there that he is really off and she agreed, he spent so much time in the bathroom, so we went downstairs to the ER for an admission. George was not happy but I got my way, that is where he needed to be. He was only in the hospital for two days so that was the good news. His potassium and blood counts were way off. He is much, much better now. It isn't the cancer but side effects. Got him prescription stuff for the diarrhea and that has really settled down.

When we came home he was on liquid/very soft diet for a couple days and he was hungry. Lets see, what shall I feed him since we were told no citrus or fresh fruit except banana, no fresh vegetables only extremely well cooked, no meat or fish at all, no salad stuff, forget pasta dishes, no whole grains, potato ok but fresh only, boiled, no frozen. Poor guy got cream soup, jello, couple crackers, Boost and pudding and after a day I was running out of ideas. Diet is now pretty much back to normal. What a horrible week. He had to miss his retirement party but that is being rescheduled for a few weeks from now.

He is now sleeping very well, has an excellent appetite and energy level is way up. We saw the onc last week and she was surprised how well he looked and was feeling in just a few days. George has promised that he will listen more in the future when I see that he just isn't doing well and not be quite so stubborn.

Thats about it for now.

Hugs - Tina

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he feels and looks better now. I really hope he will keep his promise and listen to you more and earlier the next time.

Hughs from Germany

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Hope that your George now knows that you have Woman's Extra Sensory Perseption!

Glad he is doing better and feeling better as well.

The hospital is not a fun place to be, but ususally a good place when you need special care.

You are a very good wife, companion and caretaker...many hugs for your tender care.

Marie who loves kitties

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Sometimes you just have to put your foot down especially when you can see that something just isn't right and isn't improving. I'm glad that he is feeling better.


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You certainly know George. Sometimes we patients either don't know or won't acknowledge what's going on for any number of reasons.
He's fortunate to have a caregiver who's on the ball like you are.
I don't know if you remember the Little Rascals, but Spanky sez in one episode "you can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can't fool Mom!".
I know you're not George's Mom but I think you'll get the point...

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Tell Jorge to get better! lol We are glad he is doing ok. Chemo is a hiney kicker and one has to watch their health.

Best Always, mike

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just sending you big lots of love.....what a journey it is....good for you for watching your man so closely and intuiting the needs....

best hugs.....mags

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Tina, so glad to hear George is doing better.How lucky he is to have you watching over him.
George, from now on listen to Tina!!!!

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Hi Tina, I'm very glad to hear that George is feeling better. Now remember to take care of yourself too, and try to get some extra rest. I'm sure you need a little R&R after the week you've had.

All my best,


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Here's a hug for George...and here's one for you! Ok..got the mushy stuff out of the way..... That Folfiri poopin is the shitz!!! Can't say it much better than that. SOOOOOO glad you got him to the ER cause when things get that run down you just aint got a choice. Great news that he sprung back in such a short time. George is a fighter....and with you tying his gloves it makes for a winning team! You two take care. Love ya Girl!!


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