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Excessive Spitting-any tips?

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Hi all,

So the last few weeks I have been spitting constantly during the day. My Doctor prescribed some pills called Maxeran this week but so far they have not helped.

If anybody has any tips or similiar symptoms please let me know. I think the issue is either my body producing too much saliva or not being able to swallow salivia as there is been vommitting as well.....

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I keep a large supply of napkins in my coat pocket, and my wife keeps a bunch in her purse. As well, I try to find appropriate places to spit. Mine is not just saliva, but a bunch of mucus as well. I produce 100 times more (perhaps an exaggeration!?!?) than I used to. Just a fact of life here in cancer country.


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my husband started having that issue too. THey discovered that the tumor had grown back to the place where the stomach joined what was left of the esophagus.
They put in a stent. We don't like the stent but it saved his life.

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My husband has the same issue and this is from the tumor he has. It is preventing the saliva and mucus that the esophagus normally produces from going into the stomach so his doctor have him liquid medication that helps reduce the mucus. It also helps with upset stomach so maybe a call to your doctor to let them know this is happening. My husband's tumor is right where the esophagus meets the stomach and he wound up having a feeding tube put in which made a huge difference in the amount of saliva and mucus he is bringing up.

Good luck

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Thanks all for your feedback-today is much better with the spitting. So perhaps the med's are starting to kick in? I have also been drinking more water which is getting easier again...

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I am curious to know what the name of the medication is that your husband is taking to reduce the mucus, as my husband has been hacking his head off this week, as it is allergy season so it's even worse than usual.


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Yep, mom went thru boxes and boxes of Kleenex as well as napkins so she could spit.

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