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The chemo

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I was just told by a friend who went through this, her last treatment was in March, that she developed floaters and flashes in her eyes. The opthamologist told her the meds could cause torn retina's and if not treated right away of course will cause blindness, and sometimes retinal repair is necessary. UGH!!! Not one professional person told me this, nor was it in any of my booklets to read. I already have slight tears in my retina they have kept a close watch on.
I fired my Oncologist and will see someone new on the 18th. Pray that I like her and finally get some answers, because I am telling you, I just about to give up on all of it and see what happens.

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Hold on, dear! Floaters are also a beginning sign of age-induced cataracs(just had an eye exam and was told this). I've never been told this or read this before either. Chemo does so many things to different one's of us. I developed vertigo, which I never had before, it excellerated the bone deteriation in my hips and one ankle. All just part and parcel of what we have to endure to stay alive. Hope you do like your dr. and can get some straight answers from her. I have a really good dr. and a team of dr.'s on staff, but I think they take a course in med school in how to avoid answering questions! Still have unanswered question...and always will. Hope it works out for you and please post again when you do get answers because I would like to educate myself as much as possible. Best, Debrajo

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I have had a big floater in my right eye for 2 years and was told by my eye doc that it is the normal part of aging (I was 48 at the time). It seems to be getting worse and also having the flashes. I just made an appt. with an eye surgeon at my local laser eye clinic. I'm hoping a surgeon tells me it's normal. My mom had both retinas detach when she was 19.

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You have to fight with all you have so please never give up, as for the floaters and flashes I have them all the time it is a precurser to a migraine head ache. Ask your friend if she get head ache after she has the floaters and flashes I would be suprised if she said no. We always have to make sure and keeping an eye on it is a good thing but don't get scared yet it really could just be a migriane.

Love, Hugs, and Prayers

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like things I sometimes see out of the corner of my eyes the week after chemo is the result of reduced red blood cells. He said that the eye recieves blood flow from the nose side of the eye out to the sides. He has been through chemo for a brain tumor and is so very supportive.

I'm so very sorry that you're having such a rough time and I hope your new ONC will be able to give you answers. Unfortunately, some ONCs are great technicians but they lack the ability to communicate. I think we all know what it's like to feel digusted.... disgusted with lack of control, discouraged by treatments that feel worse than the disease, the feeling that sometimes the ONCs are guessing and treating us by trial and error... ugh.
((((HUGS)))) Maria

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In March of 2013 at age 51 I was diagnosed with the initial stage of a cataract in my left eye.  Doc said it wasn't a problem, vision could be corrected with lenses, come in every year and don't worry about needing any surgery for a good 10 years.   Bummer, but okay.


July of 2013 - Invasive Ductal Carcinoma, grade 1, stage 1

Surgery in September, Chemo from November to March and 33 radiation treatmets by June. 

Major issues with vision by July of 14.  Eye doc said thqt the stress of chemo and 'frequent exposure to radiiation can cause or acceleraste cataractss, surgery was a must because even with new lensees I wouldn't be able to see in 6 months.

I've been sliced and diced a lot of times for a lot of reasons over the years, but NEVER my eyes.  It took me months to get the courage.

October of '14 - left eye done and right eye in November.

May of 2015?  Detached retina in the right eye.  Had no CLUE the smptoms I was experiencing were a separate problem that simply recouperating from the cataract surgery and tolerating extra floaters.  I came within 24 hours of losing my vision in my right eye.

rovery has been okay...vision will never be quite the same, but I can see.

And now?  October of 15?  Left retina is detaching.

And no - at NO time was I ever warned about accelerating the cataracts or risk to my retina.

(and did I mention?   May - detached retina; August - Aortic Disection; October - another detached retina.


I can't catch a break.





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