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After surgery pain and soreness questions.

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Wondering if anyone has had a DaVinci roboto hysterectomy along with ovary removal, tubes removed and abdominal lining removal for biopsy?

I have some pain now that I did not have before in the week following the surgery (lower pelvic area). It also still hurts really bad to go to the bathroom. Wondering if anyone else has had this issue and if so how long it took for it to go away.

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I did not have that type of surgery. BUT are you talking about pain with urination or bowel movements. It could be a bladder infection, easy fix. But either way you need to call the Dr. New pain should not be happening at this point, at least my Dr told me anything new should be reported. Don't make the mistake I tend to make and just think I need to put up with it. Please call them.

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I didn't have that type of surgery either but I agree with Undertreatment2012 that you need to call your doctor to report the pain. Hopefully they'll know what's going on and provide you with a way of dealing with the pain.


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I also had the di vinci method and then they had to do the full surgery. I was in lots of pain when I went to the bathroom (both 1 and 2) and terrible gas. I got the book "unwind the belly" from Amazon.com and it really helped. I just massaged my belly whenever it started hurting and could actually massage the gas out. I will get better. Took me about 3-4 weeks before my pain was gone.

good luck!

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I had same extensive surgery as you using the robot. Six hours and discharged from hospital within 24 hrs. Next to no pain. A bit of numbness on abdomen and upper inner aspect of left leg. I would go through this procedure again if it were necessary. Recovery was quick and chemo radiation followed in one month. Check with your surgeon. Make sure you don't have a urinary tract infection from the catheter and that nothing else is brewing. Let us know how you are doing. Susan

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Thanks for the replies. I went to the dr a couple of days ago. He checked me out and said that it is just the inner parts all healing like they are supposed to. Might take a few more weeks to be completely healed. No infections or UTI or anything so that is good.

Still sore and pain now and then. Will be so glad when this healing is over. Seems like anything makes my stomach upset as it seems to be more sensitive than before.

Now to prepare myself for chemo in couple of weeks. :)

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