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Recovering my immune system

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I've been in remission from NHL since chemo and stem cell therapy in Jan 2000 and things have been going extremely well. Except for the fact that my immune system never completely recovered. So I'm posting here to see if anyone who has been through the same can help.

Some of my immunoglobulins particularly IgG are extremely low. I've been receiving treatments of Polygam (http://goo.gl/38cP3) on and off for the last five years and they've helped a great deal with boosting my immune system and me in living a normal life.

My only problem is it's REALLY expensive and not really a sustainable long term.

Does anybody out there have any idea what I can do beyond excercise, vitamins and continuing the treatments?

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Hello, I did not receive stem cell, but I went through chemo, the only thing that is still below normal are my white blood counts, maybe they have a generic drug to the one that helps you, or maybe a nutritionist can help with your diet. Sorry it's not much help.... Vinny

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Never had stem cell,but had r-cvp. Then got neulasta shots after each treatment.My counts were on the low side for a while.I started drinking ensure(2 cans a day) for about 3 months.It was recommended by the centers onc. nurse. My rbc and my wbc started rising. I stopped and the counts went down slightly but stayed in the normal range none the less. John

miss maggie
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I too am in remission. So far everything is going well. My lgG was a bit low also, 543.
Normal being 700-1600. I was treated with Rituxan only. My oncologist told me, Rituxan
could be the cause. I had no bad reaction from the Rituxan.

I am not a doctor. I can make some suggestions, but please check with your doctor fist.
Most important stay away from people that are ill. Have your doctor check your vitamin
D levels. Normal being from 30-50. The closer to 50 the better.

I am so sorry, I cannot suggest anything else. For me, I take daily the following:
Multi vitamin and minerals, Vitamin C 500 mg chewable, Fish oil 1200mg, and
Vitamin D3 1000mg a day. Three days a week I take an extra 1000mg of Vitamin D3. Total for
week 10,000. I did hear in a news report, there are certain circumstances when a
patient is admitted into the ER, they are given 100,000 mg of Vitamin D. I also eat
a banana a day.

I am scheduled to see my oncologist in August. I will ask her to check my lgG, lgM,
and lgA again.

Hopefully others can also make some suggestions. Maggie

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Hi Miss Maggie,
I have been thinking about you, wondering if you were doing fine! I hadn't seen you post for a while (I was starting to worry). Well glad to hear that your doing well, take care of yourself and sending you warm hugs from TX.


miss maggie
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Dear Liz,

How sweet of you to worry about me. So far, everything seems ok??

Not a day goes by that I don't go to this site. All of you are my family after all.
When I read that one of you have some difficulty, I say a silent prayer. Other times,
I rejoice when someeone has good news. There are times also, I say nothing. I don't
know what to say or offer any advice when the post requests someone to do so. Right
now, I haven't had the experience, or dx to offer my input. What I do know, I have
learned so much from all of you. It seems even after being dx in Sept 2009, I should
know more.

God Bless you Liz, and warm hugs from NY. Love Maggie

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Hi natewest,
For some reason I have not had any problems with my blood counts..during or after chemo. I'm on Rituxan maint now, every other month, and each time I get my infusion blood is drawn and continues to be good. I take one multi vitamin(adult over 50) and 1 500mg calcium pill in the morning. Then in the evening after diner I take my 1 capsule of Vitamin D,(1,000 mg) and 1 senekot,(for bowels), and thats it. We do eat fish a couple of times a week, but don't do anything special in regards to our diet. The only thing I am still un-happy with is my fatigue. I just can't seem to get my energy back up to where it was before chemo treatments. You might want to talk to a nutritionist and see if there is something you can do "diet wise" to improve your counts. Best wishes...Sue
(FNHL-2-3a-6/10)age 61.

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