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Ca 125 test coming up

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Joined: Feb 2012

I am going in next week for my first ca125 test since my two surgeries. I am so nervous. My follow up appointment is a week later to discuss those results and future plan of action. Wow.......didn't think I would be this scared. All I think about is what if it is back? Sorry, just venting to my teal sisters.......

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and that your ca-125 is good...we all get scared but keep positive..val

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I know the feeling, waiting for numbers and reports.

Sendig hugs and prayers to you - let us know.


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to vent and you never have to say you're sorry. We all understand what waiting for results is like and will be waiting along with you. The not knowing is the worst part. I wish I could make time go faster for you.
(((HUGS))) Maria

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My wife and I get very stressed every time she has one and she has one once a month now just before each treatment. Good luck to you.

Prayers to you all

Dave & Tina VG

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I am praying your numbers are down and stay that way. We are here anytime you want to vent

Love, Hugs, and Prayers

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to you. I hope your count is low.

It's funny how we live in a "super-size it" world where bigger is better and everybody wants more more more. For us the lower the better.


Lori Ann 66
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just wanted to offer support to you....I just joined here today, this is my first post...and I am not sure yet what a good CA-125 number is. I was told 0-34 is normal....mine is currently at 250 but I have yet to even have a confirmed diagnosis (working on that)....just hope that the results are good for you....this really is a scary thing, but it looks like there are some wonderful women on here to support and encourage and educate one another....let us know how it goes....hugs to you! xoxo, Lori Ann

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It's impossible not to worry! I'm about to post on my most recent experience of waiting for results. I had a big meltdown. Hope you get great news!

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Came back at 11. Thank you to all of my teal sisters for all of your support. You are all such brave souls and I will continue to pray for all of you. XXOO

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kimberly sue 63
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Now you can take a great deep breath and relax! you worked hard for that number. Kim

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now enjoy.


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