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Plans for feeling better after chemo today

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after my last chemo last month,was pretty bad. Today I dicussed this with my gyn/onc. I will have visiting nurses come to my house for the next few days to give me IV fluids and then on third day I will get more anti-nausea meds and then the next day they will take my blood,,saves me a trip to the lab.My BUN was elevated,,signals dehydration. I am hoping for a quicker recovery this time. Your support and advice is priceless..val

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Here is hoping that this time will not only be easier but you will breeze right through it.
I know I had a very hard time staying hydrated..drinks with electrolytes helped me alot.
Stay strong ...love reading your post.
Hugs, Joan

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I'm so sorry your last chemo was so bad but am hoping too that you recover more quickly this time. Like Joan, I tried to drink as much drinks with electrolytes (for me it was Gatorade) during chemo.

Take care,

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Praying for you. Stay strong.......

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It was similar for me last month so this time I made a concerted effort to stay as hydrated as possible. One suggestion I used was popsicles at the first sign of nausea. It did go better for me than last month so I am crossing my fingers that you have it a little easier also. Hang in there this will pass sooner rather than later.

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Sending luv, hugs and prayers that side affects will be minimal and recovery will be quick. You are a pillar of strength!

God Bless.

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Way to take charge. I so hope that you'll have an easier time of it this infusion. Sending you off ((((HUGS))), sweet Val............ Maria

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I am so glad they were so willing to give you the support that you need.I am sure the fluids will help. It is great they will be keeping tabs on you as well as attending to your physical needs. So much better than sitting at home alone and feeling terrible and helpless.
If I am remembering correctly, I think you might be about halfway done with this chemo....am I right? I hope so. You deserve a long break after this. Be strong and know that you are always in my thoughts and prayers.

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Re-hydration helped my wife get through this tough cocktail. Stay strong!!

Prayers to you all

Dave & Tina VG

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Val, I have been thinking about you. I love the way you take charge. I will be praying for a quick recovery.


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Val, I'm praying for you and that the next treatments are much easier for you. It's great your doctor is so proactive and providing you the after care you need.

Stay strong!


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great care. I think one of the tricks is to stay on top of the symptoms. It's hard to distinguish the icky after chemo feeling from something that may need more attention. You will have people there to help you monitor your symptoms.

You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Keep up your sense of humor. You have a great one!


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Just wanted to let you know that I'm thinking of you and hoping that you're feeling better with this infusion. I'll look forward to your next post when you're up to it.
((((HUGS)))) Maria

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I am hoping you do much better with the chemo this time it sounds like having the nurse come to your house will help you a lot. What kind of chemo are you on this time and how many more treatments before you will be off it? I am praying for you and really hoping you do much better this time.

Love, Hugs, and Prayers

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I had three days of Iv saline with potassuim and magneseuim,,then Zofran. Visiting nurses are amazing. I was up alittle ans able to eat and drink. Going back to bed now so I will post later. Thanks you my friends...val

garden gal
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your feeling better today, praying that you get better soon. Been thinking about and hate to hear of all you been through. Kathy

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Joined: Nov 2009

Sooooo glad to hear that your excellent plan is working. Rest up. (((HUGS))) Maria

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