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Update on Liver & Lung Met Surgery

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Hi there... plan is finally in place. The liver surgeon is going to remove the entire left lobe. Will try to do it laprascopic but most likely will be cut down the middle and to the side because he wants to make sure he gets the entire lobe. I have had a resection done laproscopically before but have no idea what to expect with full surgery. More painful, I know, but how bad is it? Does anyone have insight on this for me? How soon do you think I will be able to function normally? Surgeon said I will be sleepy for about a month. He said that it is doubtful that it will show up on the right side of liver since we have seen no action there. Thoughts?

As for the lung, as soon as I recover from this surgery, the lung surgeon is going to cut out the spot on the lung. Praying that this will all take care of everything but I am realistic. I am thankful that they are taking the surgery route

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Can't answer your questions, but hoping that all goes well with both. Let us know when it is.


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Sounds like a good plan.
I had the rt. Lobe removed. The incision down the middle is about 10 inches. Said this is laproscopic, but sure seems more like an open. No incision across. I could function well after 3 weeks, but yea, needed extra sleep. It was a little tender
under the incision for a couple of months.
So they are going to do the lung? I think that is great to be getting this behind you. Yay!!

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Had left lobectomy and lunge wedge w/liver tumor
removed. Separate surgeries w/in 12 week-ugh. First surgery I am still
Recovering....second one was thorocotomy. Norcok was the painkiler when they sent
Me home.
I was told the liver has no feeling.
I was able to have an epidural for first Surgery which helped pain tremendously.
It is good they can remove the tumors.
You will be walking the day after surgery and everyone heals differently.
Please email me if u have any other questions.

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