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My 6 year anniversary!!!!

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Joined: Nov 2009

of my diagnosis (3C) is tomorrow........ wow, what a ride, but I plan to celebrate. I wish I had found this board back then. All I found were grim statistics and I was terrified. So, what do you say ladies... my house for Margaritas tomorrow?
(((HUGS and a BIG thank you for being there))) Maria

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(((HUGS))) to you Maria! Margarita sounds good.

Happy Anniversary!!


Posts: 165
Joined: Dec 2010

Congratulations Maria! Stay Strong and keep fighting! All the best wishes to you! and many, many more years ahead!!!
((( hugs)))

Posts: 32
Joined: Mar 2012

Yea!!! Margaritas sound great!! 6 years is even better!! Gives me hope and strength that I will be able to do that as well!! Thank you!!

Cindy Bear
Posts: 570
Joined: Jul 2009

Maria.. keep fighting the good fight. I'll be there in spirit tomorrow, cheering you on with a beer or two.

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Joined: Nov 2010

I know it has been a long hard road for you and you put on you fighting gloves and never took them off. So here's to you..glasses up high and drinks for everyone,,,and many more years to you dear friend..val

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Joined: Jan 2009

Congratulations and a big WOO HOO! I am so very happy for you. I love to hear news like this.
My 4 years since dx was last month and this news just gives me so much hope. Thanks for posting and keep up the good fight.
Hugs, Joan

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Joined: Jun 2011

stage 3c May '11. AS of December I was told I was in complete remission. I had CT Tuesday and a petscan today. I get the results next Tuesday. And yes I am nervous....


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Joined: Oct 2011

Congratulations, Maria! God is good and gracious and you have much to celebrate1

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Joined: Sep 2011

And drinks at your house sound fabulous. Congratulations! I'm so very happy for you.


Posts: 47
Joined: Feb 2012

I will be with friends tomorrow and we will all have toast to you.

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Joined: Jul 2010

This is wonderful, you are so sweet and helpful to everyone.i definely will be toasting you tomorrow. Enjoy your day.
Your teal sister

Posts: 1995
Joined: May 2003

That's such a milestone, and such a wonderrful reason to celebrate!

Luv & (((HUGS))) to you, Maria!


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Joined: Feb 2011

I know it hasnt been easy for you but you have shown us how it is done! You have been such an inspiration to me and all of us on this board. I pray you have many many more years to celebrate and enjoy with your grandchildren!


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Joined: May 2011

Congrats to you Maria. I'm sure its been a long hard ride. What an inspiration to others here. Have Margarita for me haha

Prayers to you all

Dave & Tina VG

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Posts: 103
Joined: Oct 2011

maria.....have a marguerita for all of us.....i am so happy for you....you are always there for everyone with comforting words and thoughts....we will all celebrate this milestone for and with you......xoxoxo...karen

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Joined: Jun 2010

Maria, that is so awesome. You have always brightened my day with your words of wisdom. I am so proud of you. You are one of my heroes and one of the strongest ladies I know.

All my love to you. I sure wish I lived closer because I would definitely be there to celebrate with you.


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Posts: 74
Joined: Feb 2012

What a great accomplishment! Congratulations to you. Have a margarita for me and enjoy your celebration, you deserve it!

Continue the fight and stay strong.



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Joined: Jun 2010

You are a beacon of hope for the rest of us. Your kind words have helped me through some rough times. Have a great celebration...and could I have my margarita on the rocks?



Posts: 45
Joined: Feb 2012

6 years is great, hope and pray that there is many more, I pray that for us all. Life is good and so is God, celebrate big time. Wish we all could get together for margarita's wouldn't that be a great time. It is one scary ride. Enjoy!

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Joined: Feb 2011

Thanks for staying on the board & giving us hope that cancer can be managed as a chronic condition.


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