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Back from the Dungeon

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I really hope this is it for awhile,the procedure took only a short time but i have to admit that was a little bit of an oweee!!!,stayed overnight in the hospital and am now in my comforting home.Will see the doctor in one month,in the meantime i am just going to put the thought of cancer in the back of my mind,well i hope every one is doing as good as can be expected and in the meantime i am going to take a week off so take care everybody

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I am so glad you are back from your ablation. It sounded like it might be an owie when I read about it. I am glad it is over for you.

Talk to you in a week. A rest is good. I hope you can go for a ride!

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An owee. Yes - to say the least. I think a week off is well deserved. I remember the doctor said they could do an ablation on mine, but the tumor was in an odd place so the ablation would have been complicated. Now I wonder if the ablation vs. partial nephrectomy is more painful or less. Rest up and walk when you can. PS - HI FISHIE!

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Hi Mike,

Glad it went well and hope you remain well for many years now. Lay low and take it easy for a few days and don't forget to drink plenty of water.

Good to have you back,


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