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Shaved head

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Just had my head shaved for the first time.Is there anything I need to know about the best way to care for a "bald head?" any special soaps or creams or just leave it along? Thanks for your time and help.

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my head as usual, but I would get this itchy, kinda tingly feeling so I tried Scalpisin and that helped.
(((HUGS))) Maria

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I was told to use baby shampoo. wear a chemo hat to bed also...val

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My hair stylist had me buy some marrakesh oil to put on my scalp when I went bald. Her sister had lost her hair to chemo and radiation and used it and said it really helped her head feel good. I have to admit, I never did use it. I just shampooed my head and was fine. The first couple of months after losing my hair, my head was pretty tender, but that soon went away and it didn't bother me. I never wore a cap to bed at night. Since we are going into the summer months, you will probably be fine. I was bald during the winter and found I needed to have a hat on in the house sometimes because my head would get cold! :]

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Please remember to use sunscreen.....I forgot and ended up with a sunburned head. i can laugh now but at the time it was so very not funny. My head was tender at first also but soon became normal again.

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advice. My friend took me to the beach right after I finished chemo. I didn't even think about sunscreen or a hat and ended up with big blisters.

I did wear a hat to bed and whenever it was cold. I continued to shampoo with head with shoulders and sported a very shiny dome.


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Yes, definitely wear sunscreen and a hat when you're outside. I live in Arizona and was bald during last summer. I never went outside without applying sunscreen and wearing a hat. It seems like the chemo made my skin so sensitive too.

When I first shaved, I broke out with some pimples on my head, I think it was just the lack of the natural oils from my hair. It went away after a couple of weeks.


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whot ut to Arizona teal sister Glendale here

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all great advice. suncreen, hats. I had breakouts o sore pimples on my head for some reason. So I used the Neutrogena clear bar on my head and face. Seemed to help. And yes my head was very tender and uncomfortable at first but it toughens up.

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I just washed my with shampo just like I had hair. I am about to shave mine again since I had a reacorence this time I am going to have it shave smoth I always had a abit of peach fuzzes. Man I need to sleep I know I did not spell fuzzs right. Anyways just act like you have hair when it comes to washing it.

Love, Hugs, and Prayers

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