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Urgent Suggestion Requires

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Hi,i am very new to this forum,
we gone through some of the test for my father who is 55 Year old so finally we recieved the FNAC Reports from AIIMS,NewDelhi.

Fnac report says,"ultrasound guided aspirate from liver shows mainly necrosis along with few viable fragments from a carecinoma. The morphological features are more in favour of metastatic adenocarcinoma ".

Pls advise what should be we do and how can it be recover,does chemotherpy help ?
Thank you all in advance.


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Dear Vikram - It sounds like your father had his adenocarcinoma mestatize from the liver? Did the doctor give you any follow up information about this or a more interpretably diagnosis? From what I know radiation treatment will probably not cure the cancer if it is this advanced (at least, that's what one response from a real doctor says about the chances of curing stage 4 adenocarcinoma in the lung with radiation http://bit.ly/IRZHxr). You're definitely going to need to go back to your doctor and talk with him really extensively about treatment options. Good luck!

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