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After treatment question- night sweats

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I know my last internal treatment was last Tuesday, April 24th. I've heard and have been told by doctors that it could put me in menopause. The last few weeks I've woken up several times with my night clothes soaked and some times my hair. Is this common? Something new for me and not sure. I do see my oncologist Monday so I'll ask her as well. But wanted to know what people living through it thought.

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Sounds like "the change" is happening. Hopefully, you won't suffer too much throughout as you've already had enough to deal with.

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Your doctor is correct about the radiation treatment causing menopause. I experienced same thing with external pelvic radiation. Have they talked to you yet about other side effects from the radiation that will affect the vaginal wall, etc? If not, bring it up with them. It is a hard road , this cancer journey, but you can get through it. Be strong, yet cry if you need to. My best to you.

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