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last week of chemo(5fme)

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All done with radiation, monday I get rid of BOB (that is what I call my pump).Time sure fLYs when you're having fun!! I am ready to see doctor and talk about my surgery. Ct may 19 and Doc Orringer(sp) may31.Everything has been great if thats even possible. I am happy to hear about the sucess stories and very sad about our loses. FEC --PHIL &DIANNE

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Congratulations on completing this important phase of treatment. Good luck on your surgery. Keep us posted. BMGky

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Wow! That did kinda fly by - good deal! I'm sure you'll be happy to be rid of BOB too!

When Don went back for his pre-op tests - they did the CT scan, drew blood, he had an x-ray and then was sent over to the Cardiovascular unit for an EKG - we were at Univ of Mich Hospital from 8:30 am until 2:30 and we weren't quite expecting all of those tests - don't know if you'll be in the same boat, but just a heads up if you are.

We will be praying for great results and a very successful surgery for you Phil. If you or Dianne want to talk - please let me know and I'll send you our cell phone numbers. Don was quite reassured after talking with Bob Hazelton and Capt Dave prior to surgery. Also after surgery he spoke with Paul and I talked with Cora (Jude's) husband Keith. The next 20some days will go slow and fast - might be a good time to plan a little get away for you and Dianne to look forward to after recovery. Even a night in the local hotel could be fun (wink wink)

Please keep us posted - we want to know how you and Dianne are doing.

Hugs and FEC,

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