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why no resection after finding lymph nodes

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i had a couple of questions on "why when they went in to do a liver resection and found lymph nodes they didn't just take them out" so I thought I would post the informative response I got from the surgeon's office:
"In the setting of hepatic (liver) and extrahepatic (outside the liver) disease with multiple lymph nodes involved, he is unlikey to be able to resect all of the disease and therefore, would likely not leave you disease free. Surgery in that setting puts you at greater risk for spreading the disease further by doing an incomplete resection, especially with growth factors that the liver gives off during liver regeneration after liver surgery. In this instance all of your disease will be treated with the combination of systemic chemotherapy and the radiation to that area of lymph nodes and liver."

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I was very curious about this and very much appreciate your sharing your surgeon's response with us here to clarify the issue.

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my pleasure - this is a great forum for sharing info - we are all in this together

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Very interesting, thanks for posting this. Wonder if that's also the case with colon resections though, wonder if "signals" are sent out in the same way as the liver does. Always more to think about, it's good you got an explanation that one can understand.

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After having had two resections, I too was curious about the surgeon's decision. Thank
you so much for sharing this info and i hope that things will move along for you...into chemo or radiation....i feel sure you will be ready for the resection in the future....


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Didn't know about growth factors pertaining to liver. It's helpful when doctors give rationale in the way they make decisions. I very much respect their time, but I think if they would explain things just a little, it would save everyone time.
Good for you that radiation may be an option for the lymph nodes. Didn't know that could be an option. That's why I think this board is so valuable.....sharing views.

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