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Lung surgery questions - stage 2B Adenocarcinoma

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I have just been diagnosed with stage 2B. I have one 6cm mass in my lower left lung and one, possibly 2, affected lymph nodes in the chest. The bronchoscope was only able to reach the one lymph node for a posititve diagnosis. Both the lymph node and mass lit up on the pet scan. The doctors want to do another surgery where they will look at more lymph nodes. If they find no "active" nodes they will remove as many as they can and possibly take the left lung. If they do find other "active" nodes, they will stop the surgery, and I will then start with chomo and radiation. This doesn't make much sense to me - seems it should be just the opposite. Maybe I am in denial or it is just the fear - but taking the entire lung seems very drastic to me. Also, seems to me they would want to do chemo first, then think about surgery. There is much I don't understand and still need to ask the doctors more questions. This is such a big decision, any advice would be very much appreciated.

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Are you talking about them doing a mediaoscopy to check more lymphs? Also if it is only one part of your lung, they should take only the bottom lobe but if you have it in your lymph, yes they will do Chemo and probally radiation and maybe before any surgery. You need to ask questions and ask your Dr. to fully explain if your are not sure or understand why theu wnt to do it this way or that way. Keep us informed. May God Bless you and keep you safe!


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Hi, Let me address the easy question first. I was diagnosed with stage 1 in Aug 2011. Had surgery 2 weeks later, and the a 4 month treament of chemo. So it depends on what comes first...the surgery or chemo. In my case, they removed my right middle lobe because they saw on mass. They found 4 nodes that were fine, but one looked active, so they uped my stage to stage 2 because of that. In cases where the mass is to big they usually was to do chemo first to shrink the mass..then surgery can be more successful. Taking the whole lung suggests that you have more coverages of mass and nodule. The question to ask the doctor is why would they remove the lung if they don't find "active" nodes. That part seems backwards to me. Then ask why they want to move the entire lung. Do alot of reading yourself and learn about the different types of lung cancer so that the decisions you make are the right ones. My advice. Don't agree to anything until you fully understand what's going on. Have someone go to the doctor with you that can understand.

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Seek out second opinions if you want even. But I completely agree that there's no way you can undergo a treatment that you personally don't feel comfortable with or understand. Ask as many questions of your doctor as possible before you go in for your visit. Even make a list of questions you'd want to ask in advance! Trust me, feeling like you are in the loop helps substantially towards your outlook and your prognosis!

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