Merkel Cell

laineo Member Posts: 3
May 2, 2012

My mother just diagnosed 4 days ago & trying to find info, feedback on Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. And decide where to go to have surgery & start treatment. Also Dr. Coit in NYC of Memorial Sloan Kettering. (he is taking so long to get into see) where Dr. Nghiem & his team in Seattle have been very helpful & supportive & can see her next week for sure. They seem to have greater resources. Are THEY considered top in USA? My mom in Charlotte, NC. She's 76 years old & pretty freaked out as I am but I am doing all the leg work so would so much appreciate any advice. She's had it around 2-3 months & it is under 2 ceni. we think. She has only seen a dermo doctor. Thank goodness she has insurance. Thx ahead of time for any feedback. Cheers & good health, Laine