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Colonoscopy - How Often

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How often do you get your colonscopy after diagnosis? The last one was two years ago and now I'm nervous for this one. Told nurse today that the twlight medicine never works for me and I'm awake the whole time and she asked me if propophal is what I'd prefer and of course I'd commented about Michael Jackson and I'm afraid of dying and she explained that alot of people are commenting about that right now. I'd be willing to for go the twilight medicine not working for me vs. being dead but she assured me this was not the case and as of June 1st they never will give the twilight medicine again but only propophal. Golly, I'm having so many issues and I've just had a mammogram, pap smear and blood tests I'm feeling and now this colonoscopy I'm overwhelmed.

My first experience with a colonoscopy when they found something my doctor never came by my bed and told me anything. Was wondering why she passed me by after examining me and she never came and told me the results. Laying there for hours and finally they told me they wanted to take one more test on the following Monday. That doctor never said anything either and they sent me in a room after recovery and thats when someone told me. Just thought that was cruel to let me hang in for 3 hours before anyone got with me and a "room" in the waiting room was where it was told.

I'm getting colonoscopy on Monday and could use some extra prayers for a clean one.

Still wondering what your doctors recommend for a scheule for that. Guess I'll see on Monday what are the results and what he recommends for next test.

Phil gotta love you guy, you've given me so much info but know your aren't into praying, but for all that want to give me good vibes and well wishes would be welcome too. Hey Phil, give me that picture of you in kayak with the mist again. That was my favorite :)

Got a great bunch of friends here.

Thanks for your support and prayers.

Hugs! Kim

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Our prayers and thoughts are with you.

My Oncologist was every 3 months when I had the Big C, and 6 months after until I was NED for 1 Year. (Which I just made!)

Best Always, mike

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Hang in there gal, prayers on the way for a clean scope.

As for the doc being non-communicative...if you are still using the same one, speak up and tell them you want to know as soon as you are awake what the results were...not waiting and waiting.


Marie who loves kitties

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My verry first one at age77 discovered my tumor. Got my second one one year after resection et al. It was ned so doctor said I don't need next one for three years. Now two years out, other tests(mri)show still ned. Hope everyone else is as fortunate as me!!!

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I have a great feeling evrrthing will be good for you. Praying for the best. Jeff

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My first post-surgery colonoscopy was six months later. The next was one year after the first. The next was three years later. The gastroenterologist told me that if he didn't find anything, he would put me on the 5-year plan. Unfortunately, he found a polyp the last time, so I'm still on the 3-year plan.

Cathleen Mary
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Coming up on my third year since diagnosis, I still have a colonoscopy every year. I did have polyps the first year out. The last time the GI doc said that I could go two yrs but onc said no. I do have slowly rising CEA and LFTs. I have not had trouble with the meds....I can check what they use fir meds.

I will pray for clear colonoscopy for you.

Cathleen Mary

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I skip this year for a colonoscopy because I was moved to six month scans, 3 month CEA and every two years a colonoscopy. I wonder if this changes...... Annually I have my Mammo, physical, eye, and twice a year dental.

Prayers for a good set of tests and sending calming and positive thoughts your way.

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you know i am here for you.we have been on this board thru our first dx and you have been here for me when i was dx stage 4.i have a good feeling that everything for you is going to be just fine.you hang in there and please let us know your test results....Godbless and prayers for you....johnnybegood

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Kim, my dr. told me right away they found polyps and there was a good chance one was cancer. So be sure and tell them not to keep you waiting. Besides, it is going to be good news and they will tell you immediately. My schedule is every 2 years, The colon has been fine, it is the liver that wont behave itself,.; )
Good luck my dear, you are always in my prayers,

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Kim, I guess like anything, things vary from doctor to doctor. For awhile, I was getting scopes regularly after resection to cauterize alot of blood leaks. Then we moved to yearly scopes, which are okay by me.

One year I had scheduling and it was about 2 years for the next one...and this last time it was 2 years...they wanted to move me to 3 years (I figure this is where it is going), but I told them I was uncomfortable, so they "found a justification" to make it happen for insurance approval.

They are recommending to me though 3-years...I might grow into that one, but would not want to move beyond that.

As for PROFOFOL - no worries...at my new facility, they "only" use that drug now...no more Versed and Fentanyl...quicker recovery time and less grogginess...

And I ABSOLUTELY PROMISE YOU, that you "will not" be immune to that - you will go to sleep, lol!

Have I ever lied to you? LOL!

I did it last time....I was talking and cooperating and the next thing I know, I was in recovery, trying to figure out when we were ready to get started, LOL!

You'll be just fine and good luck:)


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My GI dr wants me scanned every 2 years (tho my colonoscopy was 6 weeks before my diagnosis of appendix cancer, and found nothing.) However, with a colorectal cancer hx, he now wants every 2 years. However, my oncs at MSK said that every 3 years is fine for me, so that's what I've done. My next one will be next April. I'm hoping they'll let me move to 5 years at some point. It will never be more than that - my brother has a history of polyps, and I have a history of colorectal cancer.

By the way, I was fascinated watching my last colonoscopy - we intentionally kept sedation light, and I got to see where my surgeon had reconnected me so nicely! (I later sent him a note asking why he felt he had to embroider in his initials!)

I'm not into prayers either, but I do send good wishes, support, and good vibes!

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Is there anyone who could come with for the entire time? Someone who could advocate for you so you can relax and let go of that part of your worry?
Chances are very very good you are going to be fine.
I pray for all of you here every night, but Sunday I will send an extra prayer for a nice, crystal clear scope.
Will be looking forward to seeing you post your excellent results :)
Hugs Kim*****

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Kim - My HMO says every three years, but Dr. Lenz at USC says every year. So I come up with an excuse and my onc gets me in for a colonoscopy every year. So far no polyps and I'm 5 yrs post initial diagnosis. Unfortunately tumors keep popping up in the peritoneum which they can't see with the colonoscopy.

I'm always awake although I have sedation to be comfortable, but I want to watch the procedure. Kinda weird but I like seeing a nice clean healthy colon!

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Any news on your results?

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Prayers coming your way. Feeling good about this for you.

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Hi, Kim. I am not on the board much. I probably check in about once a week or so. Holding you in the Light for good results on your colonoscopy. I certainly understand the anxiety that comes with it.
As for me, my gastroenterologist said 2 years after the last one which was in October 2010. So I will be due this fall.
My oncologist and surgeon didn't really have any comment on it. They seemed okay with 2 years.
Like you, I have had rectal cancer. I've had the Xeloda/radiation too but your surgeries were much more involved than mine and you had all that chemo afterwards. I was reading your profile again and I didn't know that radiation can affect your blood count. My white count has been and stays low too but my doctors never mentioned effects of radiation as being a cause...interesting.

Again, holding you in the Light for a clear scope and for continued good health.
take care,

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The procedure is easy...as you all know, it's the prep that's awful. The propophal is great...you're OUT and when you wake up in recovery it's like you've had a nice nap. No grogginess and I felt great the rest of the day. You need a doc you can trust, one who comes in after he/she writes up the report and explains what, if anything was found. My test was clean, I was told I could wait 3 years for my next one...but my onc will probably have other ideas :( ...the joys of a NED Stage IV

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It's sunday. I'm sending prayers love and light your way. To a clean and comfortable scope under the right sedation for you.


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Thanks for all your replys everyone. You've given me much of what exactly my doctor has ordered. My husband said that he was doing it every two years because I've always been scared of having any tests and my Dr. wanted to keep me "at ease" with things. Told him that was not the fact because on the board my other friends don't have their doctor doing what is what makes them (the patient) comfortable, but what the doctor wants. So you all proved me right :) But my husband always give me good advice, but not always.

Thanks for your comments.

Post on colonoscopy in new post.

Hugs! Kim

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