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CT scan

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Hi everyone, I was just curious if anyone has ever gotten sick from your ct scan. I had 2nd one today and got sick with diarrhea and severe gas. My first one I drank the contrast which was thin and tasted a little like vanilla. Today I had the awful tasting barium very thick and no taste. It was very hard to get down. then I had the injection. The diarrhea started before I went Into the scan. When I got home I had the rumbling of the intestines and horrible gas. Anybody else go though this. I did not get sick on the first scan. Thank you so much for any info you could give me.

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I didn't have to do anything before the CT scan and had no problems. I did have side effects from the PET scan. That is the one where you have to be injected with radioactive material and supposedly there are no side effects. Not true for me. I had unexpected diarrhea that came from nowhere. I was NOT happy! It makes me nervous for the chemo/radiation that will start on Monday because my body reacts adversely to a lot of things that others say are no problem at all. (This too shall pass.)

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Some people are allergic to the contrast that is injected into the vein. However, I suspect that your problems were due to your intestines not liking the barium and perhaps not drinking enough water after the scan. It is very important to drink lots of water afterwards to move that barium out of your intestinal tract. Otherwise, it can set up almost like concrete, which can cause the symptoms you are describing. My hospital always gives me written instructions to follow post-scan and the one that is most emphasized is drinking plenty of water. I hope you are feeling better by now.

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No they did not give me instructions. Not sure why. But you were a big help. Thank you


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Soon after I finished treatment (can't remember exactly when), I had a catscan and had the runs before I even got off the table. White runs - better than brown I guess.

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Thanks so much. I feel a little bit better. First thought in my mind is the cancer is back and that why I'm having these problems. I was passing gas so hard I thought I saw the roof move on the house. Glad I was home. Also I am one year out, will I have to have these ct scans every 6 months or will I go to a year. Oh and I'll have results in a week. Thanks again, you guys are awesome.


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I had terrible diarrhea from the barium. I've heard of other people that have the same problem. I didn't have it the first couple of times. If you are going through treatment, it is possible your colon is more sensitive. I always wear an incontinence brief because it can start almost immediately.
So sorry, it isn't much fun.

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