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Vasco, If Zytiga fails

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Vasco, I believe that when go to MD Anderson that they will take me off Zytiga. My blood Platelet have drop down to 95,000. As you said, watch the liver! What will be the next option to take or?????

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I believe that your doctor will verify the reason for the low platelet count and recommend you a solution before stopping Zytiga. Meanwhile just be careful and avoid any accidental cutting/bleeding.
Are you having any symptom that you could relate to the low platelet count?

Normal levels are between 150,000 to 450,000 platelets per micro-liter of blood, but some people get low levels occasionally due to infection, fever, or high blood pressure. Surely in your case Zytiga may be the culprit.
Prednisone is taken together to counter thrombocytopenia. Maybe the dose is not proper to you. The dose varies from individual to individual, according to age, weight and one’s life style. The trial may allow for different dosages.
Alcohol/spirits is bad when in such condition.

Imunoglobin like medications (Mellifolium 30) is usually prescribed but you should only taken something recommended by your doctor because it may interact with Zytiga.
In your next meeting, request for a list of preparedness for medications/supplements and for the items you should avoid (foods, etc).

You can try to increase the platelet count with natural produces in diet. Here are some items known to be good and things you should avoid;
1) Pomegranate and kiwi fruit may help increase platelet count.
2) Tomatoes, green leafy vegetables and berries increases the hemoglobin level of blood and helps indirectly in the increase of platelet count.
3) Use olive oil and take cod liver oil to strengthen the immune system.
4) Avoid all refined food, saturated fats and aerated drinks.
5) Wash well raw vegetables and fruit before consuming to avoid any viruses that may cause infection.
6) Be careful to avoid cuttings or bleedings.

A substitute for Zytiga could be Katekonazole with Leukine but insist in having a solution to counter the low platelet count problem and continue with Zytiga. Check also for any anemia.

Hope for the best, buddy.


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I will let you know next week!

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