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hair loss with Cisplatin and Topotecan

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Hi Ladies,
I am in the middle of a fight for my life. 'Had surgery in March to remove four tumors that were not responsive to chemo. They couldn't get the one, due to location, 'Had ten radiation chemos with three taxol "boosts" Now, on to the big stuff-cisplatin and topotecan.
I was surprised that my hair is already falling out from the taxol, but have been told I will lose it all. Does anybody have any experience with this?(cisplatin and topotecan)
I did lose it all with the original carbo/taxol. This is my third line of treatment.

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I am not under that treatment, but I feel so bad for you I had to respond. What kind of tumor did not respond to treatment and how did they know? Scans showed no shrinkage?? Third line of treatment, again I just feel bad for you. I hope they get things turned around.

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Thanks for your concern. The tumors grew rapidly. One day the PET was clear and the next one they were there. I think my Doctor felt that the best shot was to remove them surgically. My cancer is very aggressive. Be Well, Ginny

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I only had carbo/taxol so I can't speak to the other drugs. Please know though that I'm sending you good thoughts and praying that your treatment does the trick and kicks your cancer's butt!

Hang in there!


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treaments were 5 days on and 3 weeks off. In the begining I responded very good and my ca125 numbers slowly came down. After the 4th treament the numbers started to climb again, went on another drug after that.I was able to tolerate topotecan very well, no aches,nausea or constipation. Sorry to hear what your going through, hang in there, hope things get better. Kathy

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Hi, When I was first diagnosed I was on Taxotere/carbo and did lose my hair. Had it again 2 years later same thing happened. When I was on topotecan alone, I didn't lose my hair. I know it's hard, but I'd rather lose my hair then have this cancer in me. I think it's good that your surgeon did attempt to do another surgery, mine wouldn't even try. They're just trying to shrink my tumors with chemo, which I don't think is helping. Right now I'm on carboplatin alone. Try to be positive, you never know what will work and what they will come out with. Take care.

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