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Waiting.......... UPDATE!!!!!

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Hey All,
My Bro-in-law had a massive stroke Thursday and I have been at the hospital with my sister since then. With complications of the kidneys, heart, and diabetes.....he is not going to make it. Hospice was called in yesterday? (losing track of my days) I have never been thru something like this and I gotta say..... This is horrible! The waiting for someone to die is terrible. I keep praying to God to heal him or take him. He refused all life support with DNR in effect. NG, oxygen, insulin...all meds stopped except for comfort drugs. He is now in a coma. Breathing is irregular and congested, urine output is tinted with blood, fever ..... Moaning is tearing my sis up but they assure her he is pain free. How long can this go on? We have to keep it so cold in this room because of his fever that my lungs are hurting. I stay covered up thru the nite....even my head. Threw up yellow flem this morning and actually felt better. I know this is not good for me or my condition but I cannot leave. My sis has no one else. She has 2 sons.... One 35 and the other 32..... But they are so addicted to prescription drugs that they are useless. More a hinder than anything. So we watch....and wait...and pray...and wait. Thanks for the ear. Needed to vent. Damn I'm tired. Love you guys


Brother in law passed away a few hours ago. Sad but happy he is out of pain. Thanks guys

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You really have your hands full. I pray your brother in law is without pain. You take care of yourself. Jeff

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Take care of you as well.

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so sorry for what you and sis are going thru.just know we are here for you(((((HUGS)))))Godbless...johnnybegodd

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So sorry that you all are dealing with this. Praying for a safe journey home. Hope you feel better soon and get some rest. You are in my thoughts.


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Thinking of and praying for you Jennie as you and your sister
keep vigil.

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Very sorry to hear about all of your family's suffering. Please do take care of yourself too okay Jennie? You are important too---and a good sister.

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I'm sorry about your sister's husband, Jennie. Nobody can predict how long things will take to come to a natural resolution...only time will tell. I'm glad you are able to be there for her.

Kim and I have been on the hospital run for 4-months now...

"Time and Patience."


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My mother was in a coma before she passed. I'm praying for your family, God Bless

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Prayers to you and your family, maybe this will jolt the boys to reality.

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My condolances to your sis, you and the family on the passing of your b-i-l.

I know there are things yet to be done but hope that you and your sis will soon be able to take some time to rest and take care of your health.

Prayers for you both.


Marie who loves kitties

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So sorry to hear this. Please take care of yourself
You are a good sister and sister- in-law.

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My condolances Jennie. Take care...

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Still waiting too - and when we do - it will be a huge relief.

Condolences to you and your family, Jennie.

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My sympathies to you and your family. Glad that he didn't suffer long.


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Jennie, I am so sorry. My condolences to you and your sister. i am glad it is over. Now take care of yourself as you help your sister .
Hugs and Prayers,

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Praying for you to stay healthy and for your sister to cope with her loss. Take care of you both. So sorry you had to go thru this; it is so hard to watch someone hanging on to life and trying to cross over at the same time...I watched my Dad do it 6 years ago this April 25th. May he rest in peace.



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Jennie, My condolences to you and your family. The hardest thing in life is watching someone you love suffer, may he now be at peace.
Get some well needed rest for yourself now.

All my best,

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So sorry this has happened. My condolences to you and your sister. My he be resting in peace.



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Awe.... Thanks for all the kind words. I sure do appreciate them...... Really enjoyed that hug too...thanks Ron. Craig, I feel for you brother.


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So sorry for you and your sister. Sisters are wonderful.....they are there for you....
Prayers for you and your family.

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I'm so sorry for the loss of your brother-in-law. I am not amazed at your tower of strength to have been there for your sister, we know you have that in you. I am glad that your sister has you for the coming days, please remember you have us in the coming days, we're here if you need anything.
My sympathies, my heart goes out to you and your sister.
Winter Marie

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I'm sorry for your loss,now you will be busy.I will keep you in my prayers.Good luck.

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